Discomfort after golf post-surgery?


I had an emergency colostomy in March 2010 and was not experiencing any discomfort...but this week I decided to try and get back into golf. I played nine holes twice, with a day off in between. I now am experiencing discomfort around the stoma and in the groin area. Is this normal, since I haven't used these muscles for so long, or is it telling me maybe I shouldn't be playing golf again? Anyone out there that has had a similar experience after doing physical activity after surgery? Would hate to give up the golf...really feels good to get back out there after all these months. Thanks and have a great day. Becky


Hiya! Can I ask if you have any support around your stoma? May just be that you've strained muscles you haven't used in a while (I went back to yoga today after not going for 6 months because of surgery and by God am I feeling it now...!), but it may also be the beginnings of a hernia? Suggest that you don't give it up - it's good to get out and about, but might be worth putting some support on before you go?
Rach xx

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It appears some of you may have access to assistance. I was not given information on diet or exercise while in the hospital for surgery in Aug 2010. While in the hospital, a lady came and taught me and my daughter about attaching the bag appliance. I don't have (or know) anyone to ask. My primary care physician doesn't seem to know more than I do. So as I frequently do - I resort to my computer. I am developing a pretty significant bulge beside my stoma. It isn't there when I lie down but extends when I stand or cough. I am thinking it is probably a hernia. I do sit-ups and leg lifts to regain strength. Is this a good idea or not? What kinds of support (physical) are available and where? Why would golf or other activity cause problems? How long should one wait before becoming fully active?


Hi there - it's a shame you weren't given any help other than to change your pouch, generally speaking, certainly in the UK and Oz I believe, we get the assistance of Stoma Nurses who specialize in ostomy care. I think in the US they are called WOCN's?? Someone correct me if I am wrong! There are several on this site who come on from time to time and help with specific questions you may have. Also on the left hand side of the home page, I think there is a link to find a nurse near you from the UOAA (I think that is the US Ostomy Association of America??)

Once the abdomen is cut to create the stoma, it causes a weakness in the muscles of the abdominal wall - all it takes unfortunately is a cough or a sneeze to make that 'hole' bigger and allow the bowel to push through ... I know, I have the hernia from hell, about the size of a melon. It started with a cough, then I know I made it worse by horse riding several years ago. Since then I have had it supported, but a sneeze now will stretch it further if I am not careful. It has been so big for so long that I now have several slipped discs and tears in my spine and permanent back pain despite my wonderful corset that has literally been 'built' for me! If you look back at my posts there are several on hernias and support!

This link will give you an idea


Strange really - I hadn't seen a Stoma Nurse since I had my stoma formed 6 years ago ... until today. It seems that after all this time I have been cutting my flange wrong!!!! We will see how the new (doubled!) size of hole in my flange helps with leakage etc .... watch this space!

Anyway - glad you have found us, there is usually someone here who has the answer to any question you might have - nothing is silly, so don't hold back!

Good luck ....

Rach xxxx

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Wow! One thing I have learned is that I have it really easy compared with some. Carol

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One of the resources I've fallen in love with is the quarterly magazine, The Phoenix, which is published by the UOAA. www.phoenixuoaa.org It's only $25 per year and worth far more than its cost.

While you are traveling in your RV, you can read about all kinds of solutions, products, and issues that we deal with as ostomates.

With this website and The Phoenix, you can answer most of your questions. But you need to search for a nearby Texas ostomy nurse, and yes, they are now called WOCN for Wound, Ostomy, Care Nurses.

Can someone near Odessa recommend a talented individual? They really are far more helpful than most doctors.

Good luck. Loren

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Thank you for your information.

I have plans to contact the hospital on Monday and see what is available locally. I treated it like having a baby ... just figure it out as you go. That is what I have been doing, situation by situation.

Of course that baby stuff began 50 years ago, maybe I don't 'figure so good' any more.... The 'no stool for a few days' is a new thing (about 3 weeks now) so I began research online and found this group. A laxative seems to be the solution for now. I will look for more information about irrigation. That might be my solution if things don't change again.

Carol 'dawneagle'


Thanks for the website...think I might order a belt to wear when playing golf...better safe than sorry. I'm sure it couldn't hurt to have some extra support. Thanks again for the website...I'll let you know when I get the belt and wear it if I notice a difference, Becky


Hi Becky

Glad to hear you are getting into the swing of things (pardon the pun). It is very easy to try and pick up where we left off, forgetting that some major surgery has recently taken place. Thanks to two very good physiotherapists, I got the right abdominal/core exercises and now regularly swim and walk - might be advisable to have a word with your GP to see if you can get some physio too - great little workout in the morning!
Also, support underwear might be advisable - you can buy these on the High Street or pick something up from the medical suppliers. Personally, I worked my way through a lot of options and have ended up with Dunne's - they have a crinkly bum line up them - you'll know what I mean if you see them, and they are comfortable and really affordable - Bridget Jones rules in this department!
Otherwise, take it easy - build yourself up to regain the stamina you had before, and you should be back there within a month or so. It's difficult sometimes with everything one goes through post-surgery, and it's always worth remembering how long it took to get back on your feet - alternate days for different exercise and slowly does it.

Good luck and enjoy, Nessie


Thanks Nessie...I love encouragement! Good for the soul. I am going to take your suggestion and look for something to support the stoma area when I'm playing golf. I'm off to try it again today...wish me luck! Becky


Loren4life here in Australia we get the magazines for free. Great tips and all pouches, everything. Also hernia belts and unisex boxer shorts underwear. Just pay for medication. Kooeee! I need some Topamax, so expensive here, $75. When I am on disability, I get $5.20 for medication. Got serious nerve pain. My abdomen didn't like all my surgeries. I was told by the gastro professor to get rid of the rectum. If I could have turned back time, wouldn't have it done, no bloody way. My bum leaks mucus, I can't stand it. How long does it take to go away... Mare.

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Fortunately, my golf has improved since I had an ileostomy last January. I lost about 30 pounds and don't have that fat belly between me and my putter. I am in much better shape physically that I have been for years. I never had any problem with my ostomy when I was swinging a club and pounding balls out of nasty sandtraps. Maybe a little exercise will help you get back into the game.


Hi Grammy and all - I wear my ostomy support belt almost all the time when I am walking, especially if I am walking the BEAGLE who tends to pull on the leash every 5 seconds to go off on a scent. I use the 4" Nu-Hope variety belt.

Otherwise I have found No-Nonsense underwear to be a cheap and comfortable measure of support because they have spandex in them, but not so much as to squish the bag.

It really got to the point where I thought I'd have to get one of those 6" or 8" belts like the guys wear...but I noticed once I increased my physical activity it really helped. I bet even walking every day would tone up your abs to make golfing easier.

I don't golf, but I'm going to try Zumba dance - I'll let you know how that works out.

I'm with Loren on the PHOENIX magazine. It's a great source of little "tricks of the trade" and has articles of all kinds relating to ostomies. I've learned things there that I never heard from the WOCN or the UOAA support group.

Good luck GrammyBec - from sunny San Diego (76 degrees today )

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Do you have an Ostomy Nurse? If not, you should, if possible. Also, my colostomy is 6.5 years old; I do not do any sit-ups or exercises that put pressure on my abdomen.
Good luck; it truly is a life-changing experience, isn't it?

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Before I take a break, does hydrogen peroxide in your pouch work? I believe it does!! GL

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