Fashionable Clothing Options for Ileostomy: Beyond Elastic Waist


What clothes can be worn with an ileostomy other than elastic waist stuff? I'm so tired of sweatpants and don't want my bag popping with jeans.


I wear jeans and don't have any problems.

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All sorts of clothes! I wear "jeggings" a lot (jeans that fit like leggings--basically they are just very stretchy...and I buy a size bigger than normal usually too). I also try to wear pants that have waistbands hitting above the stoma, so I don't block it (my stoma is placed fairly low though)... You can always wear cute dresses that are a little loose in the tummy, or stretchy leggings with loose tops. Layering can help hide any bumps too, so I often wear tanks or t-shirts with sweaters over them. The key for tops for me is to get it just loose enough and just long enough that you can't see the bag even if it has some air in it. There is this product I heard of..... ;not sure.... but supposedly it goes over the stoma to protect it from being squished by your waistband, among other benefits --but I have never tried it and it looks bulky to me...That's something we can look into also, it might be easier for you to wear jeans if you try a Phoenix ostomy belt, but you have to wear the appliance sideways. Again, I have never tried this. I have heard good things about it though. That's all I can think of off the top of my head lol. Hope that helps.

There is armor gear you can wear to protect yourself. It's online and if you read through past posts, you will find it.


When I first got "the triffid," I used to wear maternity jeans with an elastic waist, not the big elastic panel.
Now I'm healed, I just wear whatever I damn well please, so long as the waistband doesn't cut across my stoma. LOL Low-rise jeans were best, worn with a tight black t-shirt. So what if there's a bit of a bulge? No one other than another ostomate is going to know what it is.

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Well folks, sometimes the posts get a little flippant without realizing we are all in different shapes, sizes, and the location of the stoma varies dramatically. With that said - it can be very difficult for some of us to find clothes that don't choke the bag and cause a major pancake of crap to collect or bulge. The ostomy armor site does a good job of describing the four types of clothing - I won't try to re-state it. The product does look like it has promise.

The list of suggestions I've heard - pregnancy pants, overalls, suspenders, clothes that hang over and hide.... I'm still trying to figure it out myself as it's only been 4 weeks from the date of surgery.

One source that might give you some ideas - but if you have an older computer and slower speed internet service - At the end of all of these photos of a conference is a fashion show. No names of manufacturers but style ideas.

Good luck!

Hmmm! So what else is there to wear? Since I'm, I basically don't go much of anywhere. When I do...I bought me what they call lounging outfits. HAHA...they look like jammies to me!

But, at least with the elastic waist, it doesn't matter if the pants fit sorta loose. Besides, don't you wear coats when outside?


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