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Once I had the biggest bag
The biggest ever seen.
It would make my belly sag.
And my whole body lean.

As that bag began to fill.
It seemed to weigh a ton.
At times it made me feel so ill.
I’d want a different one.

This monstrous bag just had to go.
For I could stand no more.
I shopped around so I could know.
What else they had in store.

I felt that I was being wise.
To change this bag of mine
I thought I’d try a smaller size.
It seemed would suit me fine.

That great big bag was gone for good.
The size was now resolved.
It’s not until you try the goods.
That problems will unfold.

The smaller bag filled up so fast.
It burst and made a mess.
This circumstance was not forecast.
And put patience to the test.

I tried every bag that I could find.
I searched with all my might.
Then a thought flashed through my mind.
‘Twas then I saw the light.

When I was incontinent.
I wore an anal plug.
I felt this could be pertinent.
It made me feel quite smug.

I could plug my stoma.
And keep the mess at bay.
That would stop aroma.
And that would make my day.

I thought that all that crap my friend.
would surely irritate.
The answer at the anal end.
Had been to irrigate.

So now I flush myself right through.
And then apply a plug.
It works for me and might for you.
And we might all feel snug.

B. Withers 2011

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Bill, I had thought of a plug and then saw posts that said to never do that. Have you discovered why is shouldn't be done? The only problem I could think of was the danger of retaining waste too long - like a blockage. It seems a logical option much like a sphincter.
I was told never to take Imodium with a stoma, or try and plug it...I'd be scared to death of a blockage! I had a blockage once just from eating the wrong vegetables...not pleasant!
PS: Cute poem, tho! :)
I have been taking 6 Imodium tabs daily for 18 months since my stoma arrived. Never a problem. It just reduces the fluid loss. How could Imodium harm you? I bet it wasn't your doctor that gave you this advice.
Hello Dawneagle (nice to hear from you again) bag-n-drag (why couldn't I think of a name like that!)It's sometimes difficult to make things clear in a poem but I definitely checked with my stoma nurse before using the plug which was a Colplast-Conseal. In fact Coloplast wanted the first order to come directly from the stoma nurse with the correct size of plug. I think they too wanted to be sure I had 'permission' from someone who knows about these things.Which brings me to my next point which is that I haven't a clue who would be suitable for plugs and who would not.With regard to blockages. I avoid these by irrigating once a day,(probably essential if a plug is used) or at least every 1.5 days (day and a half) which is a time span I worked out was 'safe' when I was still using bags. I stopped taking immodium as soon as a had the operation and have not needed it since. (I cannot see the point when I'm irrigating and it comes out with the water anyway.I can see several plusses to using plugs. (For me) They are relatively comfortable to wearThey are very easy to fit removeThey stay on.They don't snag on clothingThey don't have leakagesThey have not caused soreness (so far)I don't notice they are there most of the time.They don't hurt.They look like a big plaster rather than a bag. ( I don't swim but if I did this would seem like a major advantage)And, probably the bigest advantage is they don't 'fill-up' and need changing or emptying at times when I don't want to be bothered.I have so far managed to eat more or less what I want to without problems but this might be more due to the irrigation than wearing plugs. With my regular routine there is hardly ever any hint of staining the plug so I can be confident that there is no blockage - caused by them. Farts pass relatively freely although just prior to farting there is a strange feeling as if the plug is being pushed out! - That has never happened and there is the same sort of charcoal filter as in the bags to avoid smells.I hope you find this more helpful than the poem.Best wishesBill
Just an additional note on blockages which I forgot to put in my last post. I used to have a bit of a problem when I was irrigating with the drip-feed system. However, for some time now I've been using an adapted pressure spray with the same cone end that was supplied with the drip-feed. This gives just enough pressure to get past any blockages and complete the job satisfactorily. The ostomy nurse gave me another tip which was to put some of the water in and let the first lot of faeces evacuate before putting the remainder in. Her logic was that it allows the second lot of water to go down deeper than it would otherwise have done. I can report that for the odd occasion when I have left it too long before irrigating - this procedure seems to work quite well. Best wishes Bill

Thanks Bill, for the info.
Wow. Definitely food for thought. Thanks!
Hi bill... Thank you for the great information. Are the costs of your supplies less?T...
Hello Royal T.Sorry I cannot answer your question regarding costs. Here in the UK we have a National Health Service so we can get our supplies on prescription without charge. I'm sure Coloplast would let you have the prices for their products. Things that I invent for myself like pressure irrigation have to be paid for but they are one-offs. My ostomy nurse tells me that one of the companies -I think it is Coloplast, is trying to develop a pressure irrigation system. But, with research, development, health and safety, etc. it could be years before it gets on the market for general use. I was not prepared to wait that long.Best wishes Bill
Hey guys i was told if you ahve any disease like Crohns, ulcerative colitis or divaticulitis irrigatinf is dangerous as the colon could tear or be perforated! I have an ileostomy and dont worry of course asked asap if i could irrigate as soon as i found my buddies at my Association who do it nope only the ones with large colons left should give it a go.xxxxxxxx :( waaaaaaa
Mooza - if that's the case then I can't go that route, either. I have no large colon left at all. waaaa is right!
My colon/rectal doc told me to use Immodium AD if I had a bowel movement once a day. He said there is no need to continue to poop all day long. I don't do it but he didn't seem to think that it would hurt you if you didin't evacuate multiple times a day. I have never heard of plugs but that sounds like a great way to go.
I am definitely going to ask my current colon/rectal doc about the Imodium while I have the ileostomy. I know that Imodium is a staple after a reversal (I have no large was all removed in Dec. 2010 as it had perfed in 3 places); but I did not think it was an option with an ileostomy. It would be nice to slow things down a bit if possible....especially at night when mine seems to want to vent at 1am...2am....etc! I often get up for bag changes a couple times a night (I use closed end pouches). Thanks for the info!
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