There was a young woman from Bath

who never did things by the half.

The smell from her stoma put folks in a coma

which gave the young woman a laugh.

When she went to do shopping in town

she’d see many folks falling down.

They’d be overcome though she hadn’t a bum

yet for farting she could wear the crown.

She met a young man from Brazil

who knew she was seriously ill.

But he wasn’t put off when her stoma would cough

for he saw it as grist to the mill.

Because he could cope with the smell

they managed to get on quite well.

He knew when she’d fart that he wouldn’t depart

so he married his young mademoiselle.

This young woman’s name was Annette

and it was a pretty safe bet

when they watched the telly the smell from her belly

gave them the best laugh they could get.

The couple fell deeply in love.

It’s rumoured they fit like a glove.

It seems that it’s said when they went to bed

that steam would be seen up above.

No matter what people may say

or obstacles put in their way.

Through rain wind and weather they were together

and still stay that way ‘till today.

B. Withers 2013


Very nice, just a bit smelly.

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Touching, if slightly earthy??


Cool limerick - yet I don't get the smell part of it - must be a bad appliance lol


Very creative. Is this person someone you know or someone you heard of...either way, good job!

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My sincere thanks to everyone for reading my verses and a special thank you to those of you who have taken the time to post a reply. Throughout my writing career it has been a very rare occurrence that I venture into the realm of nonsense verse because there always seems to be so many more important and serious things to document. However, every now and then I think that an element of humour is also important in life so I pause for a moment to join in. Best wishes to you all. Bill

Well done, Bill. You need to send this to UOAA's Phoenix magazine to see if they'd publish it.

Hello Mark. Many thanks for your post It's so pleasing to hear that you think it's worth publishing. I've never really thought of these verses in those terms so I don't bother sending them to other publishers. However, if you feel so inclined please be my guest and pass it on to whoever you think might appreciate it. Best wishes Bill