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I must say I don’t know a lot
about the way people take pot.
For I don’t take it personally
not even just occasionally.

But I have known folks from my past
whose use of pot was pretty vast.
They taught and showed me what to do
I ought to know what they all knew.

Back then I’d little interest
and didn’t even want to test.
However, I would not contemn (scorn)
nor would I ever them condemn.

I think we have the freedom to
do the things that we want to.
If that means using the hemp weed
other people should accede.

Some got pot and supplicate (appeal to authority)
they say it’s great to medicate.
Most of the folks that I know now
will simply use it anyhow.

Cannabis has been shown to be
good, should you have an ostomy.
It calms the mood and eases strain.
and pot can do a lot for pain.

Prescription drugs they say are best
but they don’t stand up to the test.
So at the time we’ve had enough
we are primed for other stuff.

So no one should attempt to stop
anyone from taking pot.
If it’s good I can’t see why
we should not give pot a try.

B. Withers 2013

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Bill, you have done it again, I've enjoyed all your rhymes. Especially a loner with a stomer.This is an interesting rhyme, because pot is in great demand. Especially now that some states have made it legal. My friend a good writer 'you bill'. Angelica
Hey, Bill, from Canada, where it's supposed to be legalized country-wide next year. I've found that a bit, on occasion, (once a month or so) hits the spot. Does that make me a loner stoner with a stomer?
Hello Angelicamarie. Thank you for your kind words in appreciation of the rhyming verses. I should really have posted this one when there was a current forum thread going on some time back but I was working my way through others at the time and so this one had to wait its turn before being posted.
Best wishes
Hello trifinisher.
Thank you too for your comments. I have just been reading your profile and was very impressed with all the things you get up to and your positive attitude towards life. Which I suppose makes you a loner stoner; owner of a stoma with a great persona as you're no moaner. It's a pity you don't live in Arizona, Daytona, Iona, Pamplona, Pomona, Altona or Barcelona as I might have been able to make some verses out of that.
Best wishes
Best wishes
I use Cannibis Oil on a regular basis for pain, it's low THC and high CBD so I don't get a buzz from it. It works very well and it has drastically reduced my need for NSAIDS.

I personally do not enjoy the high from smoking pot or edibles. If I want a buzz, I prefer Scotch...YMMV
Hello CascadianAaron.
Thanks for your contribution to this thread. I may well give the oil a try in the near future as it is now legal in the UK.
Best wishes
Back in the 60s they mixed pot with lsd, heroin etc. Very dangerous, but no one will ever mention that. Especially our corrupt media. Please don't try and argue with me. I grew up then.
Hello honestabe.
Thank you for your comments. Who would or could argue with that! Unless you were there in the thick of it at the time you would be unlikely to know about these things. Except of course, for the occasional coroner's report which sometimes listed the variety of substances used.
Best wishes
Hi honest Abe and Bill. Could be. Can't argue with you, as I wasn't in your part of the world then. These days, grow your own, or buy from a licensed dispensary if you have them.

I use cannabis I daily basis to give my immune a boost. following my reversal to a j-pouch I seem to never gain no weight nor could I ever stop from using a B-line to the toilet just like when I had UC. something about the pure CBD and CBD element compounds in cannabis seems to have restore and effect for me. I can say I don't use the toilet like I did, and I can eat pretty much what I want, even raw fruits and vegetables without any problems. It's really a mystery about this wonderful plant ... I LOVE it!
Hello b.b123345.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with cannabis as it helps counterbalance all the negative media hype about the harmful effects it is supposed to have.
Best wishes
Love the poem Bill. I could have never gotten through the last 6 months without cannabis. It has helped to calm me through the very stressful times of abcess, perforation, surgery, colostomy. I'm moving to Oregon soon where it is legal and I can get a Rx.
Hello Bmokind.
Thank you for registering your appreciation of the verse as it means a lot to me to know that people enjoy reading my ramblings. Also, it is good to hear from people who have gained some benefit from the weed as it helps counterbalance the bad press.
Best wishes

Well you've done it again Bill !!! I would choose Pot over Opiates any day . Pot makes me sleep, resolves my pain , eases my mind etc etc . I got some Hash recently and it helps so much . The only problem is smoking . I gave up smoking a couple of years ago so I don't like smoking ...period !! It is now totally legal for recreation , like Beer , in San Francisco and most Cal cities. I have to try " Edibles" next time I visit. The only problem is that you have to sign up to a Database and I do NOT like that . not with Jeff Sessions in power ....Fascist !!! he might put me on a no fly list for the FEDERAL " Crime " of smoking Pot !!!! while it is perfectly legal by State Law. Just got out of hospital and the first thing I did was find some Ganja//Weed ///Mary Jane etc . Who needs Opiates when you have a Non-Addictive painkiller/ antidepressant/ mood enhancer etc etc. The thing about smoking Pot is that if I am focusing on something negative, like Pain !!! or loneliness I can escape it pretty fast because after smoking Pot your mind will wander all over , take you away and allow you to concentrate on positive things .....dream of surfing, skiing, swimming etc etc ... it WORKS ... All the Best Mister Bill're a true Artist Sir ....Eamon Keep it up Bill
Hello Eamon. Thank you for your reply to my blog as it was good to hear your views on the subject and to know that there are still people who read and appreciate rhyming verse. I did not know who Jeff Sessions was but I've looked him up and learned a little about US politics along the way. Best wishes and may our free spirits thrive no matter who strives to have power over us. Bill

You are a Gentleman and a scholar Bill ...always a pleasure . Eamon .
Hi Bill I wasn't a member at the time but "Loner with a stomer"? I would love to read that. Are you willing to repost?
Hello newyorktoque. Thank you for your inquiry about 'Loner With A stoma. As with all past blogs, the verse is still available on this site as long as you know how to navigate to it. Below is my version of that journey: 1) Click - 'SEARCH' (At top of page) 2) click 'search by name or user ID' 3) then enter 'bill' and 'go' 4) Click on 'BILL' 5) scroll to bottom of page to 'see all blogs' and click. 6) scroll to bottom of page and keep clicking 'NEXT PAGE' until you get to page 4. 7) scroll to bottom of page where you will find 'A LONER WITH A STOMA'. On the way to your destination I hope you might see some other titles and verses that you might like to investigate further. They are all from my 'My Ostomy World-Trilogy' (2014) Best wishes and happy reading. Bill
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