Today I lost a stoma-plug!

For many years I&rsquo;ve felt quite smug,<br />to wear a simple stoma plug,<br />and skip the inconvenience<br />of the stoma-bag experience.<br><br>
Perhaps, for some, I should explain,<br />that I found bags could be a pain,<br />with all that emptying and stuff<br />and so, I&rsquo;d quickly had enough.<br><br>
I learned another way to go,<br />and switched to irrigation so<br />I ditched the bags that I had dread,<br />and wore a stoma-plug instead.<br><br>
These stoma-plugs are what I&rsquo;d pick,<br />because they&rsquo;ve always done the trick,<br />by giving me freedom each day<br />to live my life a &lsquo;normal&rsquo; way.<br><br>
But today, a small disaster struck,<br />the plug came off and became stuck<br />deep down inside my stoma hole<br />and thus, I felt I&rsquo;d lost control.<br><br>
When problems such as this arise,<br />I just sit down and theorise<br />about how I can overcome <br />what&rsquo;s happing in my tummy-bum.<br><br>
If things are seemingly amiss,<br />there&rsquo;s no point panicking, for this<br />will only add to the drama<br />and won&rsquo;t resolve the dilemma.<br><br>
Despite the fact it may cause harm,<br />the thing to do, is remain calm,<br />and contemplate what we can do<br />to solve the problem and pull through.<br><br>

TODAY I LOST A STOMA PLUG. (-- continued)<br><br>
I could have called the doctors and <br />try to make them understand <br />that these things can come as a shock,<br />as stoma plugs are meant to block.<br><br>
But some doctors I&rsquo;ve come across,<br />appear that they don&rsquo;t give a toss<br />about what harm they&rsquo;d bring about<br />whilst trying to get this thing out.<br><br>
So, this is the main reason why<br />my preference is DIY,<br />when it comes down to rectify<br />those things I can objectify.<br><br>
The stoma plug seems to have stuck, <br />within my bowel with other muck<br />that might, with patience, be propelled<br />by peristalsis and expelled.<br><br>
But I would like to eject it <br />along with all the other shit.<br />So, why not try to irrigate<br />to help it circumnavigate.<br><br>
But as I pour the water in<br />my mind, it starts a wonderin&rsquo;,<br />if this procedure doesn&rsquo;t work <br />the doctors will think I&rsquo;m a burk. (fool)<br><br>
As I am not the type of guy<br />to give up stuff before I try,<br />I continue irrigation <br />to achieve evacuation. <br /> <br />So, though I lost a plug today,<br />eventually I found a way <br />to pressure-wash that plug right out,<br />and that&rsquo;s what DIY&rsquo;s about.<br><br>
B. Withers 2021<br><br>
Not the usual DIY kind of story. I'm glad you're okay.

Awesome poem, Bill! Glad it all worked out for you! Wish they were sold in the USA!

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My goodness!!

I would have thought the water would have pushed it further in, glad it didn't. Best wishes and stay safe.

Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
Thanks everyone for your likes and replies to this rhyme.
Lovely: The possibility of pushing the plug further in was just one of the many things that I had to contemplate prior to embarking on this exercise (or should that be 'exorcise'). Anyway, I use an anal catheter tube to irrigate, which is about 9" long. If that didn't push it further in, then I figured that the water should be okay. These sorts of procedures carry enormous risks and are not recommended for the feint-hearted. But people like me tend to weigh in the balance the alternative of having some rookie doctor doing the same sorts of experiments without the advantage of 'feeling' what's going on inside first-hand. This time it worked out fine but other times (with different things) I have not been quite so fortunate.
Obviously, those negative outcomes have not put me off trying again.

Best wishes

Wow Bill!!
What a great poem, and what a story, uff! Glad that plug is out!!!

Love your poem - my worst disaster was dropping my clip down the outhouse at the campground. No way to get it back, no spare - I found fortunately a rubber band that worked in a pinch!

I wish I could use a plug but that's not happening with an ileo! What I'd do for a day without a bag. Lol

Thank you Red25 & JudiA for your kind and supportive comments on this somewhat unusual rhyme. It is always useful to receive feedback as, otherwise, we feel like we are simply talking to ourselves on such subjects.
Best wishes
Hello Ebony&Ivory.
Thank you too for taking the trouble to share your feelings on 'plugs'.
Having been obliged to revert to wearing a bag on one or two occasions, I have often pondered on what it might be like to 'have' to wear a bag on a permanent basis and I must admit to having strong reservations about the prospect.
However, the prospect of such an 'unresolvable' problem is usually a strong motivation for trying to capture the concept in rhyme. Thus. I will try hard to find the time in the next few days to put my mind to this subject.
Thanks again for the prompt.
Best wishes
Hello E&I.
Thank you again for your kind and appreciative comments.
I am pleased to hear that you have adjusted to the 'new-normal' -- As you say " Mind over matter!"
Best wishes
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