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New ostomate here

Hi all! Though I’ve never met anyone else with an ostomy in person, I am grateful to have chatted with some folks online that have helped answer my questions and provide me with sense of community throughout my journey. I was directed here by some people on Reddit and I’m looking forward to seeing what this site is all about. 


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Hello colonferal. Welcome to the site. I have found that this site is constantly changing, depending upon who is posting at any one time. A brief guide to what people om her think about it can be found in 'Members reviews' which is in 'COLLECTIONS' at the top of the page. I do hope that you will join in the discussions and make a part of this site your own. Best wishes Bill

Welcome aboard! We are a friendly bunch. :)
A lot of helpful people on here.
Hi Colonferal, Welcome !! I am fairly new to this site , and I Love it ! I've only had my Ileostomy for Ten weeks and this site has been so Helpful !!! Hope it will be for you also !!! Miss Worrier !!
Welcome you have come to the right place for answers and friendship with amazing people.
Love you name !
Love your name !
Colonferal!! LMAO!! I seriously wish I'd thought of that.
Welcome to the site.
Welcome Colonferal! I think you've got the best profile name!!! ????
I love your name! Jealous I didn't think of it
Welcome, embrace the journey. Everybody can't have super powers.
Haha thanks for all the username love and welcoming words / support! When I was trying to figure out my stoma's name, my sister and I thought of Colon Feral and I cackled loudly. That's when I knew it was a keeper lol. Appreciate you all! I don't know how to respond to people individually but I'll figure this site out sooner or later
Hi, Welcome to the site.. My nam e is Marsha, an d I've had my ileostomy for more than 50+ years, since I w as a kid of 15 Unlike many, I never named my stoma, and honestly I don't know why. I tend to think of " her " as a she...b ut no clue why. I w as very active in the NYC ostomy 15, and when I found a bunch of young adults and teens, we fo unded our own " group", that lasted for about 4 years... There was so m uch that we younger people wanted to talk about ( sex) without the parents and old folks hanging around.. At the time, we also worked with ostomy supply co's and helped test supplies.. aT the time, we were really in the dark ages.. today, there are so many more options than there was back then. Most of my familiy's friends and neighbors new my story, so by the time I married (a man w ho also had an ostomy) and moved to NJ , I wanted some annonymity. But I still worked ( with little success) to start an ostomy group near home).. After awhile, I gave up on that and was busy living life, returning to school, and raising my kids ( who are now married adults raising kids of t heir own). When I found this group ( mostly Australians at t he time) I thought I had little need for it, since I had been living successfully with the ostomy for over 40 years.. But I joined anyway, and it felt like coming home... I decided to pay the permanent memebership....since my ostomy is permanent, and I've enjoyed the friendship, help and support I've gotten, and received over the years... I wish you the best of luck.. feel free to ask questions, post ideas, or share ideas and thoughts...we're all here to listen, and to help when needed... Marsha
Welcome . Education is key on this new journey of yours. I suggest you check out UOAA, United Ostomy Association of America. It's our National organization. There you will learn about foods, blockages skin care, clothing , products, travel, activities , and a whole host of other tricks of the trade. You might also want to check out a local support group near you . Just remember you are not alone on this new journey of yours. Best of luck.

Hello,first time making comment. I'm a little shy just want to say "HI" I hope I can meet some good people feeling very lonely ???? hope you'll have a wonderful day, peace.
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