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I cannot help but hesitate 
when my perspectives oscillate
between those things I like and hate 
for then I need to cogitate. 

I feel that it is apposite 
when views a clearly opposite 
that it should be an easy choice
to take one side and then rejoice.

But sometimes this is just not so
because those things I’ve grown to know
will be in conflict and contrast
with other things within my past. 

This poses some dichotomies 
and undermines my certainties
thus, bringing me right to the brink
of confidence in what I think. 

One example of this state 
where there are things I like and hate 
might be the stoma on my side 
where feelings up and down might slide.

I like it, as it saved my life,
I like it, as it lessened strife,
I like it as it stopped my pain.
Therefore, I’d have it done again. 

Yet there are times I hate this thing
for all the problems it can bring, 
like mess, and stress, and smell, and stuff
that makes me feel I’ve had enough.

These oscillating thoughts of mine 
will, very often intertwine,
creating frustrating dissonance 
because of their great difference.

                                         Be Withers 2022

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True dat !
Hey Bill, you posted this on my 82nd birthday and I just caught up to it. Being around for all these years can cause some OSCILLATING PERSPECTIVES. One might love to have lived so long or hate the aches and pains that come with old age. One might feel blessed to have made so many good decisions or investments; one might be depressed by some bad decisions and would do anything to have another chance. I'm just glad to have been around long enough to meet all you good folks here and get so much help to put things into perspective. Gratefully, Mike
Hello Mike. Thank you so much for replying to this post, which I had forgotten all about. It's good to know that it might still be relevant. I'm coming up to my 80th and seem to be reflecting more and more upon what I have and haven't done; what I did and did not do wrong; and contemplating what I should or should not do in the rapidly diminishing future. As cognitive dissonance remains a part of the process of reasoning, I tend to write my thoughts down in verse, and then, almost instantly move on and feel satisfied that I have at least noted this phenomenon, which I feel unable to do much more about. Best wishes Bill
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