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7 weeks post-op and what I now know

I am now 7 weeks post-op and have a better understanding of so many things:

·        Do lots of reading and research….the more you know the easier it is

·        Contact ostomy supply companies for free samples and find an appliance that works best for you

·        Niltac spray is the best adhesive remover!!

·        COOK, CUT, CHEW

·        Drink water and lots of it!

·        If there is a bit of pressure around your new stoma, don’t panic, in my experience it is from really thick output

·        Walk every day, as much as you can tolerate

·        Don’t be afraid to do some gentle stretches and some gentle core strengthening exercises

·        Changing your appliance may take 5 minutes or 2 hours, take the time you need

·        You can touch your stoma, it won’t hurt you and you won’t hurt it

·        Your stoma nurse is your new best friend

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You have picked up a lot in a short time. You are on your way.
I 100% Agree, keep it up and you will be OK.
Good for you, Elly Mae!
Welcome Elly Mae {sunflower emoji}
See, all this stuff is Eazy Peazy.
I'm 7 weeks out today, December 8, 2022 was my day. I haven't tried the Niltac spray, but I really like the Coloplast Brava spray. I'll see if I can get a sample and try it. I've been walking a lot, started on a spin bike a couple days ago, been doing light core exercises and light weights, just curls while sitting down. I have worried about stretching. What kind of stretches are you doing?
You have summarized it well! Welcome to the club! What I have observed is stoma care is an art. Everybody has their favorite products and techniques. It does not matter as long as your peri-stomal skin is intact. When your ET leaves you will feel like you lost your best friend.
Have any of you had problems keeping your bag on? I had a loop ileostomy almost 5 months ago, the nurses are gone, I tried 6-7 different pouching systems and yet the bag slowly peels away from my skin within 24 hours or less. I have a lot of output because I eat a lot and need to gain 30 lbs. I've tried some heavy duty adhesives and they sting for hours! And they still don't keep my bags on. The leak always starts on my right side whether I'm asleep or awake. Any ideas? Thanks all, AllieKIM
Hi AllieKIM, post your question in the Forum under 'ostomy related questions'. That way everyone will see it. This is just someones personal blog. Welcome {sunflower emoji}
Yaaaas girl!
vorcy1942 you seem to be off topic

What manufacturer makes Niltac spray? Is it Convatec? I never heard of that spray but I have tried Esenta spray by Convatec. 

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