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This forum discussion is about finding a reliable supplier for colostomy supplies, with recommendations and warnings about various companies.

Hello all,

My mom has a colostomy and we have been using Medline to order supplies since she was discharged from hospital/rehab back in September of this year. The visiting nurse helped us create an account with Medline and verified that they were in network with mom's insurance.

Just a couple days ago, we received an automated phone call from Medline that starting April 1, 2023, they will no longer be in network with my mom's insurance.

Can anyone recommend a supplier they are happy with?

Or is there a supplier you are unhappy with?

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I would say number one I have had so far is bryham, comfort medical is pretty good, if she wears coloplast 1800 medical doesn't carry them.

I would highly recommend DO NOT go with edge park, they over charge you and your insurance, you don't get your full order, they actually left me an entire month without any bags my mom had to pay for bags out of pocket because they left me high and dry without, they sent me only half of a two piece system I called mutlitimes and never received the other half so I sent back the half order to get a return and in return they tried taking more money instead.

Prism I wouldn't go with either unless you use all safe n simpleproducts, they will send you bags of who you wear but everything else (powder,adhesive remover,wipes etc.) Is only safe n simple unless you pay them full price out of pocket it doesn't matter if your in network with them.

I hope that helps you out.

How to Empty a Urostomy Pouch | Hollister

Comfort Medical is good.

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This is very helpful!! Thank you so much. My mom uses Convatec products. I did try calling 180 medical when mom got home from hospital and left a message and I was shocked they never returned my call. The hospital did not give me many suggestions for suppliers, just maybe three or four. Edgepark was one of the ones listed as recommended suppliers. I will definitely not contact them based off what your experience was. Thank you for all your feedback!

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Thank you Killshot!

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I am glad it was helpful... Yeah the same thing happened when I first got mine done I didn't have a list and they were supposed to have set me up with a supplier butI had to do it all myself. I don't know if they told you when you place your first order to order everything . Even if you don't use paste or barrier rings at the moment you might later but that way it already went through approval with your doctor .. if you order it laterit could delay your order because it has to go through approval with your doctor first. I hope that made sense .


I use Edgepark and have no complaints. I can't speak to overcharging but my orders are always complete. If I need anything adjusted concerning an order Edgepark complies.

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I am really glad they aren't doing it to you.. you must be a lucky one .they are still harassing me after 6 months trying to get money that I don't owe I sent the half order back and they are still trying to charge.. they actually owe me money. And a lot of others are having the same issues along with other issues.


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Thank you Riva.

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I love comfort medical they have helped me get situated and now they are my go to supplier

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Comfort medical is who I had when I first got my ostomy they were pretty good


Nextra has been good.


I have used Byram for many years with mostly good success, but occasionally they run out or don't support some of my supplies. I like aloe vesta, a skin cleansing spray, and AllCare, a sticky barrier wipe. Byram would charge for the former and was most reluctant to send the latter sending me other wipes instead. Peculiarly, I found both on Amazon! They have other products as well and I understand one can set up their insurance with them, although I have never done that. The items arrived very quickly.


I personally use Comfort Medical mainly because they have been the most consistent with deliveries. But I have a suggestion: Simply call the phone number on the back of her card and speak with her insurance case manager they will be able to provide you with a list of providers that are in her network.

One thing I have found as the ostomy nurse is that every body chemistry is different while Hollister might work on somebody Convatec might work better on somebody else. For years Convatec Durahesive was the only thing that would stick to me. Then over time the pH in my body changed and only the Coloplast starfish design would fit and stay on.


Good Q. When my ins stopped covering convatec supplies I started using Mega Medical which can give a bulk discount if u buy over 10 boxes. They seemed to be the most affordable at the time

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I wish I had a great recommendation for you. I'm also looking to change vendors. I DO know that Edgepark has become the worst supplier ever! Missing shipments, 1/2 orders, backordered items that never ship, constant notifications to confirm my order (that I just confirmed) and more. I've had to stock up on supplies out of pocket (which were only slightly higher than Edgepark charged for my deductible!) . I used Byram years ago and will go back to them if they take my insurance. I'm glad you're helping your Mom.

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Thank you Rich! I seem to be getting not such great feedback on Edgepark so I crossed that name off the list. I called my mom's insurance earlier today and confirmed that Comfort Medical and Byrham are both in network. I will call over the next couple of days to set up an account with one of them. Thanks!

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Thank you for your advice. I'm going to call Comfort Medical in the next couple of days.


I've also had similar issues with Edgepark


UPDATE 3/14: I called Comfort Medical today and was advised they only soley offer Coloplast products. My mom uses ConvaTec products so it didn't work out. The agent told me they used to deal with other manufacturers but now only with Coloplast.

My second call was to Byram Healthcare. I was able to submit an order with Byram. Items will ship next month. Does anyone know how billing works with Byram? How fast do you get a bill for an order? With Medline, we still have yet to receive a bill from October, November, December, etc.

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I am with bryam too .With bryam they will ship out your order then the following month would be a bill .. I got my new shipment in 2-3 days


May I suggest Liberator Medical. I also use convatec and have had an ileostomy since 2007 due to Crohn's disease. Have had great service and no insurance issues thus far, highly recommend.

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Thank you Beth!

Weird question, do you see claims for your colostomy supplies that is billed to your insurance? My mom's insurance advised us when she came home from hospital that she would have to pay 20 of the medicare allowable amount.

I check my mom's insurance claims thru her online portal frequently and I never saw any claims submitted with Medline's name. I wasn't sure if colostomy supplies get paid thru claims just like doctor visits. I always like to check claims and verify payments with insurance.

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Thank you!! I will keep that in mind if we are unhappy with Byrham.


Thank you everyone for your help!

Can anyone with insurance advise if you see claims for your ostomy supplies?

I had previously mentioned that my mom's insurance said she would have to pay 20 of the medicare allowed amount for all her colostomy supplies but with her previous medical supplier, we still haven't seen a bill yet and its been six months. Not sure if they are just really behind in billing claims or if we will not get a bill.

With our new medical supplier, I want to make sure we are being billed accurately so I was wondering if there are claims where you see what it was billed for, what insurance paid, and what you are responsible for.


On a bill from your supplier it will show the amount you owe,along with a list of what was in your order. For all the information together, the break down of what the insurance covered, what you owe and the cost amountof supplies ,that will be on an explanation letter from your insurance company. And will bryam they will bill the following month your supplies will get shipped out and before they next shipment they should bill you for the 20 you owe from the first shipment


I also use Byram and so far they have been very good. As for billing, I'm never sure what it will cost but I know my insurance covers a good portion of the expenses. Once they've received insurance payment, they will bill you and so far mine hasn't been really high. I'm happy with them, but sometimes I would like to try other products they don't carry. So seeing your post helps me with another supplier, possibly Comfort Medical.

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You can call the manufacturer and ask for the products you would like to try and they will send you samples.


Shield Healthcare has been great here in Wa state. The account was set up for me by my lovely ostomy nurse while I was still in hospital. New orders arrive on the second day and are accurate so far.

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