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The forum discussion is about whether it is safe or advisable to use a tanning bed with an ostomy pouch, with some suggesting spray tanning as a safer alternative.

Alright friends.

Anyone been in a tanning bed with the pouch? Is that even a possibility?

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Haven't been on one myself but have read about other's using them without any problems....I would go for the safer option a spray tan myself but that's just my view.

How to Apply a Two-Piece Drainable Pouching System with FormaFlex Skin barrier | Hollister

I've done it and haven't had any problems. the fun part is it you can use your ostomy bag as a shadow puppet or origami kind of like those stickers they use to determine how tan you get.


I'd recommend reading up on the UV rays of tanning beds first.  Just a note of caution.  

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spray tanning makes people look like a carrot.

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I thought I was the only guy that used those little heart stickers on my hip. No way I'd use one now but those things are so nice to nap in.


They have been banned for a while here in Oz, get a spray job for peace of mind. I have a friend who used to DIY spray at home, she would go out the back paddock to hide from the kids get naked and her friend would give her a paint job, was hilarious.

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Totally agree!



Axl is correct they were banned in Australia a few years ago because people where getting skin cancer because of them. If you want a good colore get a friend to tell you a dirty joke and blush a lot, then keep remembering the joke all day.


Yeah cuz spraying chemicals on your body is probably way safer. Unless the ingredients are just natural carrot juices


well since i still have that mashine from when i mom had tanning beds and doing spray on its not good cause of the sugar that is used in the mix. What is the main active ingredient in spray tan?

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) DHA is the main active ingredients of a spray tan solution. Basically, it is a simple carbohydrate derived from sugar cane and sugar beets. DHA is a cosmetic substance which is used in almost every self tanner.


Wow. After 40 or so years of construction work I avoid the sun whenever I can. You should see my big ass straw hat. The skin on my arms...

Well, I wouldn't.

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