Uneven Skin Around Ileostomy: Concerns About Leakage


I noticed that the skin around my ileostomy is changing into uneven shapes (not sure if this is related to a bad diet). It's like a crater shape around the side of it, and I'm worried about it leaking.


Do you use paste or a barrier ring to fill in the unevenness?

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I haven't used anything actually. I could probably try that. I forgot to mention it goes into a normal shape then into uneven.


Hi Metal,

First off, if you aren't leaking now, why change anything? I'm not following you when you say it "goes into a normal shape then into uneven". You mean during the day you're getting drastic changes to the contour of your skin around your stoma? I think you need to explain that a bit more. Adding a ring to your barrier will raise the top of the barrier in relation to the outlet hole in your stoma. Depending on what your stoma looks like, and how far it sticks out, this could prevent a good seal, which would make matters worse. There's also the choice of convex vs flat, etc, but without more info I'm not going to make any suggestions. It's smart to anticipate any possible problems, but I wouldn't change anything until you know you have a problem. Barriers are designed to be somewhat flexible in the first place, and if you have a good seal around your stoma the barrier can't leak. Just some things to think about.


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Hi w30bob.

What's the difference between convex and flat?

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I'm not Bob but here's a convex bag... and then a flat bag....See the raised bump in the convex one?

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