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Hello! I just had my surgery for colostomy this past Wednesday. The surgery went well and the surgeon said he removed all the cancer. Thank God!
When I met with the team to show me how to put it on, they mentioned disposable liners where you just pull the liner out and dispose of it. Just curious has anyone used these and if so how do you like them? Thanks all!!! Have a good weekend!

Congratulations on a successful operation. I used those liners many years ago and they worked fairly well. Most cancer patients qualify for a process called irrigation, this process flushes your colon out normally every other day and you don't have to wear a pouch anymore just a patch. I hope you will ask you care team about irrigation and consider trying it, it will give you back active lifestyle and eliminate a lot of stress.

Congrats. Getting cancer free relieves a lot of anxiety.

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Good to hear they got all the cancer during surgery. Had the same experience with my surgery back in October last year, got all the cancer nothing spread. Like the previous reply it was one hell of a relief. Other day had an eighth month follow up and still cancer free. Can't help you on the disposable, been using a Hollister one piece from the beginning and haven't had any problems at all with them. Life will get better. Take care.

YAYYYY for them getting all the cancer!!! Can't help with your question, but super happy for your news and hope your recovery is going well!

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Excellent result, wish you all the best.

Regarding disposal liners, it depends on your output. I was interested but there are / is (?) criteria. I think you need a two- piece bag and a predictable amount of output. Give yourself six months to see what pattern your body develops.
more research needed on your part.

Ask a WOC nurse. I have too much output

and coloplast one- piece sensura mio works fine.

wonderful news about cancer free.

Good luck and welcome to a better quality of life.

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