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Hi all!

I have had my ileostomy for many years and never really had a problem with hydration but recently have been diagnosed with an autonomic nervous system disorder. Because of this I really need to start drinking electrolyte beverages. Looking for something with flavour but not too much sugar. What's everyone's favorite?


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Or DripDrops. Basically the same as the Liquid IV.

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I use Buoy drops because I don't like to drink anything sweet. It's not supposed to have a taste, but in things like water, unsweet tea, I can taste it, but in anything with flavor I don't. Actually one of my favorite drinks is club soda (sodium +) and fresh lime with the Buoy drops.
You can get a lifetime medical discount too, you just send them a message.

I also have Saltstick fast chews for when I need to boost and I'm too nauseated to drink a lot or I can tell a level is off and these work quickly.


I drink dioralyte when needed.

Here are 2 homemade versions might work out cheaper than buying ready made....

St Mark's Solution

6 x 5ml glucose powder

5ml table salt

2.5ml sodium bicarb or citrate

Make up to 1 litre with water

Chill and flavour as desired......

Oxford Solution

200ml Squash concentrate

(not low sugar or sugar free)

1 level 5ml spoon of salt

Make up to 1 litre with water

chill and flavour as desired

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Super curious, what does the squash concentrate taste like? Same as what we would we call squash in the US?


Drop drop is yummy has a lot of different flavors and you can get ones for hot water or cold water


Check out H2Ors.

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Thanks Alex!

I'm pretty sure those are both available in Canada. I Will give them a try!


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I haven't heard of either of those. The chews sound like a really good thing to have on hand. I will look those up. Thanks!


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Thanks Ben!

Sounds like some good options.


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Just Goolged it lol it's say it's only available in specialist shops in the US, I think your sqaush is very different to UK squash... we have a few different flavours my own personal favorite is orange it tastes almost the same as putting an orange through a juicer just a bit more watered down


I have an additional question to Casper's. Does anyone have an electrolyte solution that does not have an overbearing sodium taste? Or no sodium at all. I am already taking sodium supplements and I have a psychological problem with drinking salt water that goes back to 1968. This may sound silly to some, but the sodium content of every electrolyte drink I have tried tugs at the edges of my long ago dealt with PTSD and I have to isolate and calm myself. :-(


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Even Gatorade?


Yeah. Even Gatorade. I still see me standing in front of a Lister bag with empty canteens knowing that I was too late and the water guy had already added the salt. He always waited for about a half hour or so before doing that. And then I start thinking about other things long buried. It's weird how triggers work...

Plus, Gatorade is so sickly sweet. :-)



Hi Casper

Gatorade Fit

Gatorade Fit Healthy Real Hydration Electrolyte Beverages contain no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and no added colors. Gatorade Fit has 10 calories per bottle and is an excellent source of Vitamins A C.

I found this useful, available at Loblaws, Metro (sometimes) and Amazon.

Best, Bryce


Most electrolyte drinks make me gag, especially Gatorade. I can tolerate Pedialyte. I have found Pedialyte and pretzels rather tasty.

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I too just discovered the Gatorade Fit. I suffer from hyponaturia( low salt), and for the first time in ages, i could make it through a whole golf game without retching and weakness. I think I used to chug too much water before, and washed out electrolytes.


I drink electrolytes every day. I switch it up between Gatorade zero, Propel zero and another one that I mix another in my water which is Ultima that I buy on line. I use lemonade and don't find it too sweet. I am on a diet plan with lower calories and it's recommended that I drink electrolytes, specifically Ultima.

Dill pickles also have electrolytes and I usually eat 1 or 2 spears per day.

Hope that helps.


I use Nuun tablets, which are less sweet than drop drop or sports drinks. I add extra water. The grapefruit orange vitamin flavor and the blueberry tangerine immunity flavors are my favorites. I can't stand sweet drinks. I just used a big glass of this for dehydration recovery after a really bad night with an overactive soma and it really worked!


Thank you for this question! Due to an ileostomy, I frequently deal with hydration issues, and have found the following electrolyte powders to be quite refreshing (and lacking anything artificial, which is a plus):

Kinderlyte https://kinderfarms.com/collections/kinderlyte

Hydralyte https://hydralyte.com/pages/products

Hydrant https://www.drinkhydrant.com/

Liquid IV https://www.liquid-iv.com/

Jianas Brothers https://www.rescue-essentials.com/jianas-brothers-ors mixed with Ultima Powder https://www.ultimareplenisher.com/

Certain flavors of the first four brands may be found in a number of big-box stores. The last option was recommended by my nutrition doctor and is quite economical.


I like Biosteel. Specifically the rainbow twist. It's sugar free. Check to see if it would meet your hydration needs though.


Gatorade or Powerade or almost any sport beverages


I like Pedialite. I am a musician, and do a lot of outside gigs. In fact, played one this past Saturday evening. It was 100+ when we started at 6pm. Down to a balmy 95 when we finished at 10pm.

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I cannot tell you how many times I started going to justBouy's site to see if they ship to Canada (I haven't paid attn b/c I have the hydration ones on autoship) and my adhd was in high drive yesterday and even when I finally made it to their site I never did find a definitive answer, I think I saw they are selling them on Amazon now though. The salt chew sticks are available in multiple places so they're in/shippable to Canada


I don't know if these drinks qualify as "legit" electrolytes, but recently a friend got me started drinking Vitamin Water by Glaceau. I like the Dragonfruit flavor. Each flavor has different nutrients. All I know is that I like it! It has some sugar in it, each 16.9 oz bottle is 80 calories. Light flavor, but very tasty.

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So.... When I think squash I think like pumpkin family and my understanding of UK pumpkin comes from Harry Potter so idk how accurate it is [my understanding]. I thought maybe we were talking more in the melon/fruit realm but you're talking about an orange flavor has me completely thrown off now

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Daniel, I was given some recipes by my motility specialist last year... I'm gonna look for them. If it was given to me via mychart I still have them... if it was given to me on a piece of paper


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Daniel- Ok, I have bad news and good news. Bad news: he gave it to me on a piece of paper and I remember I stared at it for a while but I was mad at the world b/c I ;was just told there was nothing else that could be done to save my colon, stuck it in my bag and probably tossed it as soon as I got home. Good news: I remembered before I got too side tracked looking thru mychart I'll keep my eyes open for recipes that don't look like they'd be too salty tasting.

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Thanks, Jodie! :-)

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I've struggled with ptsd for 13 years now and when you know your triggers it's one thing but sometimes the flashbacks seem to come out of nowhere. I've done therapy, 2 of my girlfriends went with me to a place that was a trigger for me and literally walked with me and helped me process... even a smell can bring me back to a moment, so when you say no sodium taste please I get it.

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