Stoma Care in Hot Weather


Hi all, I met with my nurse yesterday who advised me to buy a little roll-on deodorant and use it around my stoma during the hot weather. Apparently, it helps the bag to stick and not come off as much during perspiration. I haven't tried it yet so I cannot vouch for it, but I thought I would share it anyways!


"I sweat a lot during the summer months since I work outside, mow, take the dog to the lake, etc. I've yet to have any issue with heat/sweating affecting my bag sticking to me. I'd be leery of putting deodorant on my stoma skin and how well the bag would stick to that.

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It's an old ostomy trick. It does work on most people. Hope it works for you.


I'm nervous too, but to be fair, I don't perspire much. I'm always cold, haha!

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I asked her, and she advised that it helps it stick more! :-)

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Because of what these ostomy nurses say and do... Just saying, unless they have one, we know more than they do. Just saying, be careful.

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You have a very good and experienced nurse. She knows her trade very well.

My first nurse taught me it many years ago, probably before you were even born. Thanks for making me feel old. Lol if you ever need it, always use roll-on deodorant, not spray. That can cause problems.


Thanks ljb222 for that tip.

I have trouble in summer with sweating and my bag losing adhesion so I'll be giving it a go.

It usually happens when I'm pottering in my garden. It gets a bit warm here in Aus sometimes.

Cheers, Ian.

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I would try it and see! A little roll on and see how you go ;-)


I guess the thought here is that you won't perspire around the flange.?


Thank you so much for sharing this tip. I've contacted all the ostomy suppliers about sweating and the bag releasing and not much help. I sweat a lot in the humidity working on gardening. Cannot wait to try this.