Gas and foamy output

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Hi everyone, I’m looking for some advice/reassurance. I had emergency surgery two weeks today and have been home only a few days. I had vomiting and water output yesterday from a stomach bug. I’ve now been experiencing nausea, gas, burping and extreme foamy output. I can’t get hold of any nurses and I’m getting worried 😔 any help greatly appreciated.

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Sounds more like you have/had a blockage keep drinking lots of fluids and if you feel it needs it phone 111, as it's bank holiday weekend you can't get any advice from your stoma nurses until Tuesday at the earliest 

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I have an illiostomy and watery output, gasy and foamy out put is common, Nausea was common after surgery.  
With me blockages are usually accompanied by stomach cramps 


Hi LOU have you been eating anything even just soda crackers to keep something in the stomach otherwise you will just be creating gas and if your fluid intake is whats coming out.

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Hi Ron , im trying to stomach crackers but the nausea is horrible. Output is looking a bit better now but not a lot 

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Thanks Ben. I do think I’m dehydrated. I’ve drunk two lucozade today and I’m trying to drink the at marks solution but not going down to well


Do you have these over there? These are what my dietician told me to get to help with the nausea while also to keep me putting ‘food’ in my mouth to chew (I developed a food aversion after 14 years of getting sick nearly time I ate so they’ve had to get creative over the past year 😉)

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I’ve never seen these before, I will give them a look on Amazon. I will try anything right now. Thank you so much 😊 

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