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I'm a south African working in the USA on a visa, I have a medical insurance but a real entry level one. I would like to know if there are any foundations or financial aid organizations that could assist me in getting my ileostomy reversal I will be down in Florida for the next 6 months and then returning seasonally to NY. I would really like to get the surgery done as it does get in the way of me doing my job 100%. I could not get this done back in my country as there was a 4 year wait for it in a public hospital. I was assisted with the first surgery as it was emergency and I was in NY. Any advice, help or even a point in the right direction I would really appreciate it

I'm not asking for money but the total cost is something I just cant afford but would be able to put funds towards this surgery. 


Again thank you in advance 


Do you know what hospital you are having surgery at? Some states  are  a little tricky with financial aid- it will matter if you can claim residence in the state at the time. How long is your work visa for? 

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There are a lot of hospitals around the US that have resident clinics that accept patients based upon their ability to pay.  I am not familiar with Florida or NY.  In the US a 4 year wait period is almost unheard of.  Good luck. 

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They are 6months in each state 

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Equally split? So you can claim residence in FL for 6 mo? How soon can you have surgery now? You’re already in FL right? Look at the wording for the financial aid requirements from the hospital you are having the surgery at. Does your employer provide any assistance for helping you with insurance and/or other immigrant work visa related while in the US? Like will your job give you paid time off ro recover from the surgery? 

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A 4 year wait ?? Perhaps one of our resident socialists would care to comment ?? I’m just curious??

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