Issue with rectal stump mucus

Miss fudgeakins

I have a end ileostomy and a urostomy,  I also have a rectal prolapse that has been repaired twice but unfortunately its back so due more surgery after Christmas,  I was given glistene suppositories that helped at first now they cause pain but I'm unable to pass anything due too no sensation down there ,but I'm getting really bad back ache, the plan would be too remove the rectum but my consultant is worried as mu last op in May to repair a parastomal hernia reconstruct my end ileostomy from a transverse colostomy they came across scar tissue around my messentry artery so his reluctant, so the an is too remove some more of the stump and sew it again , but surely that'd not gonna change the fact I have no anal tone there ,thankyou in advance has anyone gone through similar xxx


G-Day Miss Fudgeakins,  All I can say is get a second or even third opinion.  Some are better than others, you have to shop around. Regards IGGIE

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