Stoma has developed second area where effluent comes out why?


Hello from Hockey cards;

Looking for help.My husband  had a temp ileostomy installed April 22 2023 following leakage at anastomosis site from emergency cancer bowel surgery.

He was told all the cancer was removed however in Aug some spots were discovered on the liver.He started chemo in Sept and will continue the series till Dec at which time it will be reviewed.

He has been promised a reversal.

I need some help with the stoma which now has effluent coming out of the top left around 11 o clock area.

Do i take him to the doctor now?Will the new stoma opening enlarge?

The stoma has clean intact skin encircling it and the flange fits well for now.

Could someone please share there experiences or thoughts regarding this strange development?



Do you know if it is a "loop" or "end" ileostomy ?

If it is a "loop" which a temporary ileo would be, it does infact have two openings. If you google loop ileostomy you will see a diagram with two openings. If you have any doubt see your stoma nurse. I wasn't aware of the two openings until the stoma nurse pointed out out to me.

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Get to the Doctor and and find out what's going on. 


As the above or below (I forget how it orders the messages before mine) if it’s not a loop ileostomy you’ll want to call the Dr. 

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