Shower or bath?


As a recent 12 week newbie to ilyostomy life. I was told no baths just shower. 

Does anyone bath? And also does anyone shower bag free?? 


Hi Nikki,

I’ve done both, bath with bag on and this is okay as the backplates do not come unstuck. I also shower without a bag, which feels so good 😁

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Thanks. I was always worried about showering no bag 

Morning glory

You can do both. 


Which ever you like, they would of just said don't have a bath while your wound was healing if that's healed now baths are ok, 30 odd years ago when I first had mine they encouraged me to have baths they said then it was the best way to clean a wound but advice has changed over the years...I love a long relaxing hot soak in bath in this cold weather...I don't shower bag free anymore but there's nothing to stop you it wont harm stoma and you can use any shower gels/soaps just make sure you rinse skin well around stoma to make sure there are no problems getting bag to stick. 

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Hot tub/spa with bag as well.


I shower without wafer or bag.  Great way to clean stoma quick with a wet paper towel.  I use Cetaphil soap.  Leaves no residue to interfere with wager adhesion.  I shower in early morning when my system is dormant, so no output.

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I also have done both with no negative results, I definitely wouldn’t want to take a bath without my pouch

Mysterious Mose

I shower both with and without the bag. I have not been a bath person since about the age of 10 or 12. But if I was, I would take a bath with pouch on. Especially with my ileostomy. With a shower, any seepage can go down the drain immediately rather than floating around  for me to contemplate. :-))



Either or, no issues any which way you wanna go about it. 


I have tried showering without bag but my ileo is too badly behaved!  As regards the bath - definitely no problems. I was in the swimming pool at 4 weeks and had my first trial scuba dive at 5 weeks - (this was something that would have been a peritonitis risk for me before my ileostomy).


Hang in there .

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I was told I could shower with or without the bag. It took me two months to get the courage to shower; until then I did sponge baths. I tried a shower with the bag on and was concerned that it would leak. The outer part on my brand is the cloth like you see in flexible band aids. Right after the shower I changed the bag. The glue held, but I found it easier to peel off, so remain concerned. Now I just put a new bag on after I take a shower. That would be an issue if you want daily showers, but every few days works for me, sponge bathing in between. 

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Once a week when I change my bag appliance I do shower without the bag.....I live in AZ so the climate is dry. However when I lived in Chicago where it is humid I would bag swap twice a week. I have had my ileostomy since October of 2010. I also swim with the bag. The glue products are great. Find a routine that works for you. Also look at the website Ostomy Secrets - great wraps and covers for personal or intimate moments. I agree with the ostomate that suggested showering early when stoma output is at a minimum. I adhere to no water, no coffee, no food before the shower as that stimulates peristalic waves of digestion and stoma output activity.

Monsieur Le President

You can bathe, swim in pool & ocean, dive  & do all the things you could do before 

I use the shower as normal with my bag on but find that it is most convenient to change the bag in the shower 

Just back from holiday in Jamaica where we spent many happy hours on the beach & in the sea 

I will soon be 50 years an ileostomist

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I shower more often as I'm an outdoors person.  A good sealing bag allows my wafer to stay in place.  Tried w/o a wafer & my little buddy barks!, everytime I try to make it to the supplies.  Poop City.


I shower everyday, but twice a week I shower (free) of anything.  It is the BEST feeling!!!  My skin and Stella enjoy the freedom.

I also shower in the morning before taking in any liquid or food.

No worries, you'll get the hang of it!!😀

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Showering without a bag is part of my change routine.

But I won't eat within 8, preferably 12, hours before the shower/change so the stoma won't be busy.

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Absolutely to both…baths with bag on and when I do a full change (I wear a two piece) I take a naked shower and it’s so nice to get to clean the skin around my ostomy! Good Luck!!

Grandpa Sam

Yes. I have two stomas; an ileostomy and a colostomy. I always shower bag free. It’s usually not a problem. 
Best wishes to you. 
Sam x 


Oh yah, I love baths. I take them very hot. I was nervous about hot tubs but I do that also, no issues! Just as regular bag maintenance goes, if it’s due for a change you may find it peeling off more in the tub than a fresh one. In that case I sometimes just take a piece of masking tape and keep it on until I’m done bathing. I cover the carbon filter exhaust port too, my coloplast bags come with them but that’s it. Enjoy your baths!!! 

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I see no reason not to use the tub with a bag on , off might be risky seeing how out put can happen at any moment , not so pleasant.  Shower on the other hand no problem. I shower without and it always feels so good to clean the skin around the stoma. HAPPY BATHING 


I shower only,and takee my bag off, it feels good 

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Shower, bag on or off, for safety reasons, I re-did my bathroom with a walk-in shower.


Hi nicki I shower all the time I tend to fill my bag within an hour of waking up as to keep things clean it's all a learning curve I'm a newbie to this aswell share our worries together lol

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I'm having a walk-in shower installed in January. I'm really relieved to hear that bags WILL stick, even with soap/gel and water. It will be heaven to have a shower. For nine months it's just been strip-washes and soaking my feet in a bowl!

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Enjoy, take the bag off, lather up, rinse well…..feels great. 

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