Larger Urostomy Pouches and Apparel Recommendations

Dec 18, 2023 4:22 pm

I find I need to empty my urostomy pouch frequently. I wear a standard one-piece Hollister pouch. I wonder if there are larger bags available. I have also looked at Convatec and Coloplast. Also, I have tried a Stealth Belt with no success. I am unable to wear tuck-in apparel, so I need a long-tail untucked shirt.

Dec 18, 2023 8:54 pm

Hi - I have used Coloplast (COL 12297 SenSura Mio Flex Uro Pouch Maxi Opaque 50mm) for about 15 years with good results. I get about 2 hours before emptying with normal activity, less if there is a lot of physical activity. When traveling, I use a leg bag and get 4-5 hours, but these need to go under your pants. Maybe some loose-fitting sweats would be useful with the tuck-in issue. Best, Bryce

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Dec 19, 2023 8:49 am

Ah, finally a post where I can contribute too eeheheheh... not many of us with Urostomy ;-)

I use Hollister too, 2 piece.

I have a big difference in output from morning to afternoon to evening...

In the morning I need to sometimes empty every hour, afternoon I can easily go 3 to 4 hours...

When I need to have more "resistance" I use bag legs, but not the ones that go on the thigh, rather the ones that latch on the calf... much easier to hide ;-)

Stealth also has a vertical version of the belt that works fine for urostomates... or you have tons of brands for tube belts... that also helps for even distribution of the liquid in the bag, which allows me to wear dresses or jeans with my bag tucked inside... should be ok for you as well...

Don't have your bag fill up too much, over half of it it starts to become heavy for the skin and adhesive tug, especially if you're wearing no support belt or band or anything.