Drinking CocaCola or any fizzy drink?


Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, so wanted to ask a question and hopefully get some answers. I wanted to know if any of you drink fizzy drinks such as Coca Cola or any other of the type and do you have any problems with it? I have a colostomy bag and I am craving CocaCola, but I don't know if I should drink it. Thanks in advance :) cheers

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I drink them with no problems  at all. I know others on here that drink them as well. I like diet coke the best.

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dont do it right now.. avoid carbonated drinks untill u can experiment how it affects ya.

why? gas. ballooning. pop.

just wait. adjust. u will. says Yoda.

and... as a side note.. i heard Coke was used to degrease truck engines.  imagine that? .




Try a bit on a day you will be sticking around home….what could it possibly hurt - moderation is important- think you’d have to drink a 6 pack all at once to blow up a bag !


As others have said take it slow and try it out. I drink carbonated beverages like coke and ginger ale. I do think I need to burp my bag more often - maybe. It’s hard for me to say if I do burp it more when I drink a coke or not but so far that is the worst outcome I have experienced. Good luck.

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No issues drinking carbonated drinks for me. 


I have a permanent colostomy.  Use a 2 piece Holluster system.

I drink carbonated beverages occasionally.  Usually a rootbeer or Perrier water.  No problem.  Excess bag gas gets easily burped out.  I just gotta make sure the wife isn't near by....

Mysterious Mose

Drinking carbonated beverages is not a problem, except for the gas. But, I am sure that the concept of burping your bag came from a beer drinking ostomate. 🤪



I'm a coca cola addict just drunk a 2 litre bottle today no problems or gas....just try 1 can when your at home it's the only way your ever going to find out if it's right for you 


I don't know that there are ill effects from drinking fizzy drinks. I think, or I understand, the only reasons to avoid it is that the fizz will make your stoma fart more. I suppose you could have some intestinal discomfort from trapped air, but I don't think it is life threatening or anything. 



Makes me burp loud and then I get that dreaded Elmo stare…..


I had the "noisy" stoma yesterday.  Talking with folks at a Christmas dinner and my stoma is blaring away like a stuck fog horn.

I tried not to laugh.  It was real noticeable.  I just patted the bulge in my shirt and said "down boy."  Then had another slice of chocolate cake.  Burp.....


pop pop fizz fizz. there goes my bag again🎵🎶🤦‍♂️


I have an Ileostomy (3 months ago) and drink 1 Diet Dr. Pepper and 1 Diet A&W Root beer everyday with no problems, it helps my mental health and I look forward to them every day.

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Love that A&W root beer.  For many years, there was an A&W fast food restaurant near my work.   Had an old fashioned barrel in the the dining room with a tap on it.  Inside the barrel was a chiller unit. 

We would buy unlimted refill root beer.  They gave us a glass mug, not plastic.  Lovely, super cold root beer flowed from that tap!  So cold, your glass iced up, and the top layer of root beer iced up too.  That first long swill was.... awesome. 

Just enjoyed a root beer float last week. 


I have an ileostomy and I drink tons of fizzy drinks. I’m addicted to bubly and drink like 3 a day. Plus I love beer. No issues here. 

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We probably shouldn't but I do haha. I drink coke and lemonade 😊😊

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I miss that A&w root beer from the barrel! 

Mysterious Mose
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Personally, I miss vanilla phosphates at the corner drugstore. And there I have dated myself again. :-)



I drink soda of different flavors and no issues. No issues with beer either. 

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im visualizing...a horse...a buggy.. candle lit streets?  ( jk) dan.

warrior chuckles.


It's great to read so many people have little or no issue with carbonated drinks. I'm getting an ileostomy soon.

FYI, ICEE coke doesn't have carbonation.  However, the 'frozen coke' at McDonald's and Burger King does. I've been sensitive to carbonation due to crohn's so I've only been having ICEE cokes. 



I have a colostomy and drink Coca-Cola all the time,  and have no problems, thankfully! 

I am not a good example though as I drink coffee, Coca-Cola and water, have to stay hydrated... 

This is definitely a learning process...

Trial and error.....

I eat pretty much whatever I want and see what happens ;)

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I have an Ileostomy. I am okay drinking Diet Pepsi, but for some reason Diet Coca-Cola gives me severe wind.