Tillamook cheddar cheese??!!


So I had a scare tonight… I had some Tillamook cheddar cheese this afternoon, the little prepackaged one, and tonight I thought I had blood in my bag from the dye! At least I’m 99% sure that’s what it was. I changed my bag and had a bit of blood from My stitches, but the stuff from my stoma was orange on the papertowel when I was cleaning…. Whew! So glad it wasn’t blood. Also my last time eating that! 


learned lesson. u will see different output with certain foods..ppl will chime in for sure..

then u can put those on your " do not eat these" list.   but do experiment..

quite entertaining it can be..

equally important are the things you eat..or drink causing gas in your bag.

Boom! best way i visualize it...like those tiny nerf footballs?? yeah.. its exactly like that .. u think any movement especially out of bed will  blow it..so you are paralyzed for a second..thinking...damit..wheres a towel when u need it? 💩🥺

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I remember when I ate my first red popsicle lol ohhh boy I started to freak out when a bunch of red was coming out I thought it was blood. 


Beetroot is one of my favourite vegetables, but I need to be prepared for the colourful outcome!
Best wishes


Don’t let your poop color keep you from enjoying good food. Life’s a rainbow 🌈 

enjoy it!!   

Words of Encouragement from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister

Cherries! 😬


cereal..lucky charms...they're magically.. suspicious. ☺️


Sounds like what happened when I ate red velvet cake. My ostomy exploded in red dye I swear he got every last bit of red dye evacuated from my body.



So true! Anything with red food coloring in it makes the output in my bag look like a crime scene! lol


I had some delicious chutney over Christmas. My output was black! Now that was freaky!


Love this topic! Yes...LIfe is indeed a rainbow! If you eat something jsut know it can produce a colour. I like the translucent pouches so I can see what's on the go before I go!!!

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Hello ahaynes111. 
Thank you for your contribution to this thread, as it reminded me that I have previously written a rhyme on this subject. I feel sure that I have already posted it on here, but as there is a high probability that many people have not read through past posts, it will give me the rationale for posting it again.
Best wishes



Right from the start. 
I sensed there was art
In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

I’ve so often said 
the cherries stay red
In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

And to my delight
all nuts will stay white.
In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

There in my sack
the currants stay black
In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

I tell you my fellow 
the sweetcorn stays yellow.
In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

Blueberries too 
will keep their dark hue.
In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

Those carrots stand out
bright orange they shout. 
In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

I perplex and frown 
as I ponder the brown
In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

A vortex soup of colours blend 
a pot of gold at rainbows end.
In my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

Were I an artist like Matisse 
I would paint a masterpiece.
From my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

But I am just a simple poet,
rhyming words is how I show it.
From my colour-full rag-tag bag.

I use the rhythms and the rhymes 
to tell of smell and raw enzymes
from my colour-full rag-tag-bag.

The subject matter won’t get worse
by placing it within a verse. 
The ostomate as graduand
will be the one to understand
my colour-full rag-tag-bag.             

                                           B. Withers 2011 

(In:  ‘My Colourful Rag-Tag-bag’ 2012)



That's why when you're in the hospital, every menu you get says NO RED JELLO for this patient!! lol. Gotta love it.

Reply to Bill

"Those carrots stand out
bright orange they shout. 
In my colour-full rag-tag-bag."

That is me this morning as I had carrots for dinner last night and am still seeing the orange remnants in my bag today!!


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Ditto.  90% of my blowouts are in bed.  Only 1-2 a yr.  I keep a Chux under my fitted sheet, at stoma level.   Avoids the mattress poop.


Sounds like you re a new osteomate.  Try Bloody Marys, but avoid Tabasco sauce.  My "Little Buddy" burns from it.  Entire pouch looked like old blood, but my drink sure tasted great.

Reply to rlevineia

Traditionally, I have liked my food hotter than the hinges of hell. (Spicy) I was pleasantly surprised at one positive outcome with the colostomy--I'm no longer blowing sparks the next morning!
However, sadly, my tongue has lost its asbestos, and many normal foods burn my tongue. :-/

Reply to warrior

And different smells too with different foods!  Fun!

Reply to rlevineia

Great idea!  Why didn’t I think of that!!

Reply to Beth22

Watermelon is fun too!!


Try eating beetroot, you will really get a fright and a half. And don’t even attempt to eat anything blue, the output is green. Each day is interesting. 


Apart from the fact that I like beetroot, another advantage of this vegetable is that I can tell precisely how long it takes my food to go from mouth to stoma.

This is especially useful when contemplating if I have a blockage or not.
Best wishes