Silicone ostomy bag


Hi all, I'm looking the ostomy silicone base bag. If someone know about it and can help me. I need weblinks which company is selling this product online or the companies names. Please post me the name  or online links.


interesting choice of terms .

there is the o ring. attaching to your skin around the stoma

there is the wafer. the item placed on top of the o ring -if  two piece is used.. 

there is a bag. one piece or  part of a two piece system.

please elaborate on silicon.

the o ring? the wafer?

i think all bags are plastic ..IDK.



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Thank you for your reply! I'm specifically interested in the silicone-based plate or wafer product. I've heard it's a new technology that brings peace of mind. I'm exploring online websites to gather more information about this product. Could you please share any relevant links with me?


Here I wish I could share a link but you know what??  you should do first hold out for some people here to reply to you because I'm sure there are people here found something similar to what you're looking for ...

I'm positive there's people here with the silicone based appliance.

I'm just not too familiar with that and as far as links go I think you can Google  osty  products and you can get a whole bunch of  different products and then you'd have the contact of manufacturer  and that takes you know that's a real time suck .. 😵🤭  who wants that?? especially when you've got people here who've been through it or who are using certain products that they can recommend..

so i am a little on the fence about recommending anything ..

we've got some great  members here ..and believe it or not some people are allergic to the silicone things and I think for the most part some wafers are actually just a rubber base type of thing... you'd really need to hear what the other people have to say before you start doing any research .. this way you could distinguish between two manufacturers and their products because some have complained that the skin breaks out.. a lot of issues with silicon versus maybe a rubber-based product so that's something you should be aware of.. so just sit tight my friend... people will be chiming  in  soon


I think they just have to wake up..ha ha  it's kind of early and I think they still have the holiday hangover ...but be patient ..believe me...its worth the wait.. 



Hi - You could contact for a free wafer sample. These worked for me. Regards, Bryce

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i second that emotion....I have been using trio Genii shit bags.  Great for the skin! plenty of awkward little tricks to manage for the slickest use but worth the bother . no more glue! light and flexy, very comfy. but... the silicon base joins to a polythene type bag, this join is the achilles heel... it may depend on lifestyle of course, and on stoma placement relative to belt line etc etc, for myself i find its worth the risk for the comfort and ease! 


I see your from the UK if you contact your local stoma nurse they will know the product No. and where to order from and get you a few free samples from the company and it's also likely to be available on prescription so you wont have to pay anything   

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Thanks Bryce. Signed up for samples. Not having any real problems but their rings looked pretty good in their video.


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Hi O

I have tried the rings as the logic sounded great but they aggravated my skin something fierce ,  went back to the salts rings.

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G-Day Axl,

Are you using the Salts Seal with a Coller?? Regards IGGIE


Hello Iggie

No,  but after your info I do intend to follow it up.