How much should i drink


I'm really confused my consultant said don't drink more than 1.5ltr a day plus Dirolite my gp says over 2ltrs per day with no Dirolite who should I listen to. If or helps I have 2 stomas 1 over active stoma which I need to empty at least 8 to 10 times a day and one with very little output. I also no large bowel just small.


So you have a loop Ileostomy? 

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Split the difference, 1.75liters/day. 😁 There is no right/wrong answer, just know you need a lot of fluids each day. 

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That makes sense but what about taking the Dirolite 

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I had to look it up since I’ve never heard of it. IMO, it wouldn’t hurt to use it some. However, I think a lot of people drink strictly water and flush their system out. Drink a variety of things and you may not need it much as other liquids can give you the extra things water can’t. 

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Consultant should know what's best there more qualified and specialized in there field  than GP is but saying that with dioralyte included depending how much of it your drinking you will up to drinking 2 litres or more a day so there both right really just going about it in different ways, I would have a word with your stoma nurse too. Emptying your bag 8 - 10 times a day is average output but when your emptying a lot more than that can understand why dioralyte is needed, if you have high output drinking water by itself/tea/coffee/fizzy drinks are the worse things you can drink they will go straight through you but sure you Consultant/dietician will of already advised if thats the case for you.


'How much should I drink'? I had a few words of advice on that subject, but then I realized it was water you were talking about!


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I do tend to drink about 2 litres of water a day, also use Oralieve moisturising mouth gel, that helps as well. 

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I have an end ileostomy and I drink up to 3 liters of water a day. No issues with electrolyte levels on recent blood tests. The usual caveat applies - "Everyone is different". :-)



I only have one stoma.  When I left the hospital, they had installed a midline port in my arm as they were concerned with me becoming dehydrated. My situation probably different than yours. I kept watch on my output and took in more water if needed.  Example: in the beginning, I was expelling liquid like crazy in the mornings so I would drink more water.  In the beginning, the doctor was having me measure my output.  not sure if you want to do that, but thought I would mention it.




I drink anywhere from no water to 2L and I’ve never had any issues. I feel like I’m the same as I was before with food and water. But everyone is different. 


Your large Intestine stores water for use, later.  Like me, we lost our (camel's hump).  Talk to your ostomy nurse.  They told me to drink 64 ounces a day, in small sips.  I used Pedialyte for a short while, the salt helps retain water in your body.   Tastes like crap!  My dietitian taught me to make my own mix.  You can mix Gatorade 1/4+ to 3/4 water.  I only use it when hiking & exercising.  I like the Fierce Grape w/sugar, not sweeteners.


My husband has had an ileostomy for almost 2 years. Initially he had a lot of issues with his sodium being too low. So it was a balancing act. Too much water will decrease sodium. He pretty regularly drinks (3) 16 oz waters and about 40 oz other fluids (coffee, juice, etc). He also takes 500mg of sodium twice a day. In addition he found pretzels with extra salt (they make my mouth pucker). The whole thing can be a catch 22, as the extra salt can also raise blood pressures. So far that is what's working for him. Trial and error. Good luck.

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Two litres of water is what most humans are advised to drink each day, though it might be better to drink a small amount every hour or 1/2 hour, rather than drinking a lot in one go. Is the output of your active stoma very liquid? If so you might be better off using open end bags, which you can empty without changing the bag so often.

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You and I have the exact same . I have had them since 2014 yet I still haven't gotten familiar with the whole thing

Message if you get the notion. I'ms. Cathrine