How I made a template of my irregular stoma


I have a very irregular shaped ileostomy stoma plus developed a stomal fistula in a v shape on one side.  Cutting the opening on the wafer to fit was beyond frustrating and my skin was suffering greatly. So was my mental state.

I used the stomal measurement guide and chose a size slightly larger than the stoma.  I took a picture with my phone. I then enlarged it so the circles of the measuring guide matched, so it was true to size. I took a clear piece of plastic and traced my stoma.

 It's been an emotional and physical lifesaver after weeks of getting it wrong. And eakin seals by Convatec have been a Godsend.


Well done, great idea. 


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Morning glory

Thanks for sharing . Great news this is working  for you. You're  very clever to have thought this out and making your own template. 


Great story - thanks for sharing! 👍


Thank you for sharing not only the ingenuity of arriving at an accurate templete - nice one! - but in so doing, sharing the fact of your stomal fistula!

Your positive attitude is a credit - may you always have such presence of mind and positive nature.

Best Wishes

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ waves ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Words of Encouragement from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister

Good work, a great tip for the difficult ones 👏


Such a great story of finding a solution and thanks for sharing.