Convex versus flat wafers (and panic)


have a hernia next to and under my stoma that just developed in the past week. All I have had is flat Wafers and, even before the hernia, I had quite a bit of leakage because of all of the creases in my skin. So I had one sample of Hollister's high output convex bag, which I use Sunday. That lasted me through Wednesday with no leaks. I also used a barrier ring under it. 

However, when my stoma nurse came out Wednesday, she insisted I change my bag. She had a couple of samples of the Sensura Mio with the "star" wafer. The first one leaked within 30 minutes after she left. So I was forced to use the second star-shaped wafer. That one also leaked. So now all I have left are flat wafers, which almost always leak, especially with the hernia.

I used the flat bag and sure enough, it sprung a leak. I was panicking because I had no convex wafers at all. I put another flat wafer on with two barrier rings on the flange yesterday afternoon. I also used stoma paste in the creases of my skin. Knock on wood, that seems to be holding so far.

I did contact my nurse and she ordered me some of the high output convex bags from Hollister that had worked for me.

I just cannot use the Sensura Mio. I don't really need high output bags, but they seem to be the only thing that hasn't leaked so far.

I just thought I would put that out there in case anybody else is in a similar situation. You might want to try the Hollister high output convex bags.


Hi and Welcome . It’s great that you contacted your Ostomy nurse . Education is key on this new journey of yours.   I suggest you check out UOAA, United Ostomy Association of America. It’s our National organization.  Also , .  You will learn about foods, blockages, skin care, clothing , Ostomy products, travel, activities , and a whole host of other tricks of the trade.   You might also want to check out a local support group near you .  Just remember you are not alone on this new journey of yours. Wearing a pouch does not define whom you are.  There are solutions. We’re here for you . Best of luck. 


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My stoma went flat after hernia surgery. in a convatec active life hard convex pouch and I do use a ring. This seems to be the only one that keeps things from leaking. Some people don't like the smaller opening at the bottom or the clip but I'd rather deal with that than leaking.  Prior to my hernia surgery I had 2 parastomal hernias that were causing havoc. My nurse at one point had me cutting a 4x4 skin barrier either hollyhesive or stomahesive and making my own rings out of those which helped a lot. Some people will use the clear stuff they put over iv bags tegaderm under the bag. Your best bet is to see an actual stoma nurse who specializes and let them assess it. 

Mysterious Mose

I used Hollister flat wafers up until my weight gain led to a dip on the left side of my stoma. At first, I tried simply adding a ring to the barrier. That gave me a little more time before a leak would develop, as the ring eventually breaks down. So, I went to the Hollister convex barrier. Fortunately, my stoma is ~1" and I can use the 1 3/4" flange. If I had to use a 2 1/4" flange, I would have to trim to miss my navel and other residual holes in my abdomen. Using the convex solved almost all my leak issues. Now when I get a leak, it is usually through my own carelessness.



I use flat 1 piece Hollister bags and I have a hernia, no issues. 

How to Manage Ostomy Leaks with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

I have a large crease under my stoma at 8 o'clock which caused constant leaks. My stoma sits on top of a mound, as yet undiagnosed as a hernia. I use a 2 piece Sunsura Mio convex base plate with a seal around the stoma. The solution to the leak was to cut a 1/3 seal across the crease under the main seal. This helped slow the leak. Added another 1/2 seal on top of the 1/3 then the full seal and voila, no more leaks for the last 9 months. Also use a heat pack after changing which makes everything stick together.