Why do some bags come with a front opening?


I got these back up bags on Amazon for a good price. Someone mentioned on here, about thinking about supply chain shortage possibilities and stocking up so I just bought them thinking of that. It was a quick purchase and I didn’t really put thought into it much. So then they came, and there’s like a flap that is like opened I mean, they overlap. But I mean, I can’t imagine what is the purpose of having that? Is that for like the colostomy people to burp it from the front? But even so, like I can’t imagine ileostomy people can use a bag like that? And even if you burp it from the front, if that is the idea, then how do you lie down with all the stuff not falling out? I don’t understand the design purpose?


Maybe it is a manufacturing defect. It is perhaps supposed to be a window to allow you to see the stoma. Otherwise it's just wierd 🙄

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That is mighty strange. I stopped  buying from there if I run out. I once got bags that had the bottoms fused together on a pouch that is not supposed to be fused together. Had to call them to get refunded. If you look at reviews I'm.sure people are saying stuff about this bag you bought. 


Does the bag itself actually open or just the felt cover viewing window?




I have a colostomy and a bag with an opening like that wouldn’t work for me at all - I’d be covered in poo, not to mention the odor that would leak from it.

Do you know the manufacturer of them?  Maybe they would have something on their website that would explain the opening.

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That is definitely  weird.  Don't  keep them. I would send them back.


good lord! WTF is that? i think you got scammed hon..

some products you just

can' t buy at a discount. especially on line..



It comes from: CLCMS on Amazon

“10 PCS Colostomy Bags,One Piece Drainable Pouches for Ostomy Ileostomy Stoma Care Supplies.”

I think I found a hack with the brava straight barrier strips. What do you guys think? If it fails at least I tried. It says something on the site about being able to remove the filter but I don’t understand why somebody would want to do that? I’ll change tomorrow and let you guys know how it goes. I think a window is a great idea if it had plastic in there. I probably won’t buy again.







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It opens yes. On the bottom it has a drainage with Velcro that seems secure go figure.


jules, u are quite the experimental type..aren't ya?😊.

it pays to experiment.

i just went 14 days long wear without replacement of appliance.

i don't recommend it..but i went for it.

there is another experiment . sleeping on an inclined bed. 

or recliner to keep poop off wafer.

all in effort to prolong bag life..

and the saga continues...🤗

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Nope, not even with the brava strips I would not trust it! Lol


I'm further inspecting the pic of this bag you posted and if you look at the velcro strips at the bottom. They do not even go all the way across the bottom end of the pouch. I would question if they might not leak down there at the end with those gaps.  

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Good point…

Reply to JVM261

Put on some protection when you try them out and come back and let us know. If they don't work out and If you call  customer service, they are usually quite gracious at returning your money for things that have those type of defects. Been there done that.


LOL......  I use similar bags but for two piece system.....  Really REALLY funny reading the responses' here....  ignorance is bliss!!!!...  The section in question is a "gas release" system, note the black section is a charcoal filter for SOME order mitigation; however, I rarely use and just empty the bag; furthermore, joke and laugh with the ignorant boobs on social media with their silly advice as it lightens the day...  HERE IS THE SOLID ADVICE:::::::>>>>  CALL the Manufacture's Customer Service for the STRAIGHT POOP!!!   ....pun intended....       

PS...I have NOT found a Manufacture or System that did not work except the "flat" barrier, for me I need convex w/ barrier ring.  They are ALL good just some are better...

........that is all.........