OOBER escapes 6

Mar 08, 2024 8:46 am

‘OOBER’ – (escapes) 6.
(Out-Of-Body-Experiences Recorded).

I nurse my stoma everyday
and sometimes it gets in the way
of living life the way I wish,
which can make me more than mawkish.

A stoma is a chronic state
which often acts like a sluice gate,
shooting faeces far and wide
and making **it quite hard to hide.

Stoma’s take over what we do
and make it harder to pull through
especially when they do not do
everything they’re supposed to.

It’s alright when there is routine 
and things do not seem so obscene,
but when this routine’s out of sync
this is when my heart will sink.

There’s no point getting so distressed
or sinking ‘till we get depressed,
we need to be both hard and strong
to fight the fight and carry on.

Each time my body gets me down
or on my face grows one long frown,
I’ll make sure that it’s overrode
and go into an OOBER mode.

Basically what OOBER means
is ‘out-of-body’ , so it seems
that all those things that stomas bring
suddenly don’t mean a thing. 

I can relax and enjoy life,
without that hassle and the strife
that stomas can initiate
and we’re left to propitiate. (appease)

                                            B. Withers 2023

Mar 08, 2024 10:58 am

"There's no point getting so distressed..." This is the way I choose to live, although I have never been able to express it so eloquently.

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Mar 08, 2024 1:53 pm
Reply to aTraveler

Yes, Bill does have a 'way' with words


I, too, iterate Bill's well-founded intentions - and especially the ability to 'escape' the negative and 'journey' in such a positive and helpful way forward. Out of body experience is informative as well as healing - in the true sense - one is truly honored and humbled in equal measure when we do find ourselves in this OB state.

Indeed, one might say 'A Traveler' in more sense than just rhyme, hey - no pun intended - I could not have expressed your sentiment better myself - I totally agree, and try in my own personal way to live my own life in some semblance of balance - yet I lack Bill's exposition of the English language and Bill's dedication to highlight things within his experience for the benefit of others.


Your own profile name too, 'A Traveler,' has been so well chosen :-))


Some of us do - generally [speaking personally - as regards my general and normal mode of living] I find are not only drawn to a path - but some actually 'DO' the journey as well. Too often, folk are drawn to 'a' path but never continue to pursue 'their' journey ;-))


Oddly, I find this particularly pertinent at the present time in my life.


Bill's poetic contribution brings a special element to my day when looking into this site - he is an inspiration - and causes a grounding contemplation ;-))


BW to you both