Post-Surgery Bum Pain Without Visible Symptoms: Advice?

Jun 24, 2024 8:04 pm

I had surgery in 2019, had my bum sewn up, Barbie butt. Everything has been okay with my bum, but the last few days have been extremely painful. There is no redness, no sores, just like someone sticking a needle in me. Does anyone have advice? Painkillers aren't helping. Stoma, etc., all working fine.

Jun 24, 2024 8:47 pm

Hi, welcome. May I ask if by chance, back in 2019 during the Barbie Butt procedure, did the surgeon sew your butt cheeks together too? Some of us had that done.

The length of time might be relevant, maybe not, but I had my Ken Butt done in October 2023. And I get those feelings of needle pinches sometimes. But you see, this is recent for me, not for you, so I'm just asking about the sew job. Are the cheeks causing these feelings?

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Jun 24, 2024 10:16 pm

Is it while sitting or continually? I know if I sit in a wrong-angled chair, mine will hurt. Could be those stitched-up cheeks like Warrior is talking about. If it's not continual or under specific conditions (wrong type of chair), I'd say it's just something not lining up correctly for a moment. Pain killers probably won't help that. If it's continual, get it looked at.

Jul 02, 2024 4:29 pm

Hi, I had my surgery last June. Any chance you might be getting a bit of pressure on the sciatic nerve? Things are tighter down there and there's a bit less padding. 😉

If it is nerve pain, there are a few quite effective blockers to ease things.