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Severe heartburn every time I eat

Posted by Bunkie, on Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:43 pm
now I have a new one..the past 2wks I have been getting severe heartburn with everything I eat..even with somethings I drink..mostly dairy for drinks..any kind of food..this is no about 1mt after my surgery from the blockage from the adhesions..I tate tums..take mylanta..the pain gets so bad i feel it up my back to the bottom of my feet..I am so afraid of another blockage I don't even want to eat any more..I just take small bites of anything a couple times a day just to bypass the hunger..its just not worth it..of course my bag fills up very liquidy at least 10 times a day so I have to put those absorb things in the bag..just can't win at all..any answers..judy
Reply by nessy, on Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:34 pm
Hi Bunkie, I suffered from severe heartburn for years until I saw a Naturpathic Dr, who spent an hour with my wife and I, talking about diet. Worst thing is sugar, it ferments anything in your stomach, use honey if yo need a sweetener. salt is the next worst, use sea salt instead. Read labels, foods such as cereals are full of sugar and so on. Try chewing sugarless gum to relieve your heratburn, takes a little longer but it works. Of course the best thing you could do (IMHO) would check in with your closest Naturpath.
Hope this brings you some relief.
Cheers Bob
Reply by butterfly48, on Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:18 pm
Sorry to hear about your problem - being in the health business for so many years we have helped many people with your problem even though they themselves don't quite have the same
health situation.  But I believe someday if they don't take care of themselves then they too
will have either an ileo or colostomy.  Having an ileo I get not only acid reflux but when I eat too
fast I get the hip cups.  I take pro biotics, a digestive enzyme, you can also take dandalion or cayenne pepper  (only a a last resort - because it really gets hot unless you get the cool cayenne)  Also hawthorn will calm down acid reflux,  these are all herbs.  Also I drink high ph alkaline water  it works great for digestion.   Good Luck,  their is an answer to your problem
do some research on these herbs and especially the water - you will  be surprised as to how
you can move on without giving up the foods you enjoy. Butterfly48
Reply by mooza, on Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:02 am
hey wats alkaline water salty water bunkie i find the more if i dont eat the more liquid , yeah you need to see some one  glad you asked that question cause these answers are interesting good luck darl.. Gastrocopy think you mite know what i mean my spellings not the best ...I had somthing like that they found a small hole in my dudenum spell chec sorry mooza..
Reply by WOUNDED DOE, on Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:42 am
awww Bunkie I'm so sorry you are having these problems....more common than you think with many of us however, everyone's replies here fantastic and especially Butterfly's advice.....I have had my ostomy for 34 years and in getting to know soooo many people now who have osties for various reasons, seems most of us who have Crohn's have more of these types of problems to deal with.......don't know if you have Crohn's or not, and that is not to say our other osty brothers and sisters don't have these probs, it's just an observation I have made by a landslide it seems to be mostly Crohn's that makes us more sensitive to a lot of these problems......but you will be able to settle some of this.....keep in touch with your doctors about this but also I am much like Butterfly in respect to using natural remedies and they work fantastic most of the time......everyone is different, so it's a bit of an experiment.....good luck honey Smile
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