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Abdominal Binder for a Stoma and Hernia?


Hi Everyone!

I'm hoping someone knows what to wear for a hernia that's under the left side of my stoma. In April 2009, I had to have my bowel, anus, and back wall of my vagina removed due to cancer. I've made a miraculous recovery, so the Doctors say. I was expected to die being I was in the high 3 stage they said. Seeing my Surgeon a few weeks ago, I showed her the large lump under my stoma. I don't know anything about hernias, what they are, what causes them, etc. So I was surprised when she told me that's what it was. She told me to get an abdominal binder or girdle and to push the hernia up and in under it. Has anyone had to do this? Wouldn't the ostomy bag and contents in it get all smooched up? Ewww...LOL. I'm also claustrophobic and can't stand anything tight on me; I feel like I can't breathe. Does anyone have any suggestions, or been through the same thing? I'd appreciate all comments. Thank you so much!
Take Care All!

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HEY darlzx hernia belt but i too reckon too binding yeah all i can think of Hernia belt/xx
Hi, I have a huge hernia and wear one of these all day - helps support my useless back too!

They are soft and stretchy and the waste just slides down under it - have never had a problem there (have an ileo) and my weartime has increased to about a week from 3 days since I started wearing it.

Hope that is of some use,

Rach x
wat about a bom102 they are good from omnigon i think  xxx Or TCB total control !! mooza

hey rach how are you going these days mooza ....... Got things under control yet? Hope your doing well mooza
Our long-time friend on this website, Biker Boy Greg in San Diego talked about getting a woman's girdle and cutting a hole in it at the stoma site.  It seemed to work for him and costs a lot less than an ostomy support belt.  I agree - an abdominal binder DOES NOT sound like the answer to me - I used one on a very temporary basis and it wasn't real helpful.

I am not sure about other countries, but here, in France, I have been given (two free each year) a hernia support belt (a bit like a back support belt), but with a hole cut over the area of the bag, so the bag is popped through and just sits on the outside of the belt. In addition, I have a pair of underpants, with a built in pouch, so the bag doesn't just hang there, but is supported. I think these are also available for the fairer sex.

Good luck lass and keep smiling.
I have somethig simular and I use a 4" hernia belt and it works great.  I had the same thoughts as you and all has turned out ok for me and I think it would for you.

I also have to have this surgery and it sounds very similar to what you had done. Any suggestions on getting thru it? How did you deal with having the back wall of your vagina removed?
I know that Weircomfees sells hernia belts, and there's another company - can't remember the name, but you could google it.
Good luck!
I believe I found a good answer for those requiring an abdominal binder for a non-reducible hernia and an ostomy. I had an  ostomy for a year, but it was able to be reversed. I have as a result of the situation a large non-reducible hernia. I hope to be going onto an insulin pump which requires a cannula in the abdominal region. Nu-Hope Laboratories has a series of binders designed for the particular needs of those with ostomy that require an abdominal binder:

I hope this helps.


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