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Colostomy reversal with hernia repair surgery

My reversal and hernia surgery is tomorrow, Feb 3rd!  I've been on the clear liquid diet since yesterday at 4:00 so I'm feeling quite hungry about now.  It's funny how food looks and smells so great when you can't have it.  I'm nervous and anxious for tomorrow to come.  I pray all will go well and all of you on this site have helped me with all of your encouragement and information.  I am truly thankful to you all.  I'll post again as soon as I'm able after my surgery and let you know how it all went.   Thanks, Mary Jayne
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Good luck with reversal op tomorrow. Im sure everyone on here will be thinking of ambies...
we all wish you all the luck and love in the world
you,l get through it one way or another! keep well xx
All is well in the world! Keep us posted, I had my reversal on Jan. 12th!
how did it go? I get reversed in 3 weeks. how do you know if you have a hernia? did you have open surgery or lapro?  I want lapro. hopefully he can do everything successfully that way.  Blessings, Joe
Hi Joe!

I had a lapro surgery on Feb. 3rd to reverse my colostomy and thought everything was great.  I was released from the hospital in three days.  I thanked my doctor and he said "Don't thank me yet because sometimes things go wrong in the first five days.  Call me if you get feverish or anything."   Sure enough on the fifth day, I got the shakes and was freezing.  I woke up vomiting and very sick.  I went back to the hospital and he did emergency surgery on me in the middle of the night.  I woke up with an ilieostomy and was quite upset.  My doctor told me that would be temporary so that my colon can heal completely.  I went back in on March 16th and had the ilieostomy reversed and spent another month recovering.  It was a long road for me going through so much surgery but it was all worth it.
I just celebrated 6 months of being bag free and I feel better than ever.  I wanted to tell you my story because if your doctor thinks its better to do a full surgery rather than a lapro, go for it.  You can tell you have a hernia if there is a bulge that moves at the site of your colostomy.  My doctor fixed that and even though my abdomen looks like a road
map, I'm so thankful to be alive and well.  It sure gives you a different view of life.  I'm thankful everyday and live life to the fullest.  Good luck with your reversal and let us know how you are.  MJ
thank you, MJ.  I DID tell him of course, that he can do that if he deems best, and I'll tell him again, surgery day.  Thankyou for the advice. Perhaps I should have gone to the Colonrectal Specialty clinic then instead, and had a colon specialist do it?  or what would you say?  (guess it's still not too late)  I still don't quite understand your hernia description.  Maybe I don't have one?  surprising, since I do quite a bit of lifting.  i know, sometimes, the area hurts more than others.  generally when the seal is leaking onto my skin around the stoma. i have a sore/ulcer there.  thanks for replying.   Glad you are doing well.  May God continue to bless you.
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