Ileostomy pain when coughing


Hi, I have had my ileostomy for 6 years now and it still hurts when I cough. Does anyone else have this problem? Right now, I have a cold and this morning I was coughing so bad that it felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife around my site and I wanted to cry. Please share if you do or do not have the same problem.



I've had the pains you describe even after 10 years with an ileostomy. It happens to me when I have a cough or have been doing physical exercise that involves the abdominal muscles (read into that what you will!). The stoma site is a weak point in the abdominal wall and repeated exertion such as coughing can cause temporary discomfort in that area. Your muscles around the stoma site are overcompensating/contracting for the strain repeated coughing causes. That's my theory and how it is for me, but I would suggest you check it out with your doc if it persists after your cold has gone.

Pain can reoccur frequently when it comes to severed muscles from major surgery....I do hope you speak with your surgeon about this just in case.....I have had my ostomy for 36 years and discovered that this happens sometimes after I've been more physically active and using my stomach muscles more often or after heavy lifting, then a cough or a strong sneeze can be very painful.....also, a gent in a support group I belong to was having sharp pin-like pains when he would cough, sneeze, stretch, or bend to tie his shoes etc and discovered it was because the tape on the pouch was pulling and ripping at the hairs on his tummy ....he was relieved to discover that what seemed at first like a concerning issue was something as simple as his tummy hair getting yanked and ripped out with nearly his every movement.....even blowing his nose hard he proclaimed made him feel sharp pain and like his skin was having a match held to it.............he now announced to us with a chuckle that he has a hairless tummy and the problem went away lol HOWEVER, during his process of experimenting with hair removal, he drove one very important tidbit home to the men in the group "DON'T USE NAIR!!!" nbsp; nbsp;....lmao....WOOOOOOO!!!!!!! ....NOT good.....he said the best is something his wife ordered for him called "No No" nbsp; nbsp;...........................

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Could you possibly have a hernia? I've never experienced what you're talking about, or any hernias related to my surgery. I did have two inguinal hernias in my early 20's and remember how they felt upon exertion...doesn't feel good! Good luck!


I know this probably doesn't help you much, but I just wanted to say, I've had my ileostomy for only three years now and while I did have some soreness and tenderness as you describe in the months following the surgery, I no longer feel a bit of pain when coughing, sneezing, laughing hard, etc. I just wanted to comment so that you know it may not necessarily be normal, i.e., there may be something that wasn't done exactly right. I know that I had an excellent G.I. surgeon at Pittsburgh UPMC hospital, would be happy to give the name via PM. Best I can do I guess, sorry can't help more.

I guess it might also have something to do with the location of the stoma, perhaps. Just thinking about it. My stoma is actually pretty high compared to what seems to be the "norm", mine is just below and an inch or two to the right of my belly button - or where my belly button used to be : Just a guess, certainly no doctor.


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Feeling the same, worse with a big sneeze....really thought grabbing for a pillow to sneeze would end with that hospital stay but not so much. Almost 4 years since last surgery. My theory is that I'm sewn together wrong or the scar has just attached to something the wrong way??


I had that problem and it was that I still had colitis in the stump that was left after the ileostomy, and I think they may have touched on a nerve. I would definitely contact your surgeon and tell him or her what's going on. It may be something they can fix.


I have the same problem and was told it is because of scar tissue that forms skin adhesions. I have been suffering with this pain for 2 years. If you move a certain way, cough, sneeze, you are putting pressure on your stomach muscles. When I try to sit up in bed to watch TV, I always seem to strain my muscles. When I sit in my recliner, I automatically reach for the lever. Mine happens to be hard to pull up, so naturally I am straining my muscles. If I am trying to do laundry and I have to bend over, I feel the pain. When I bend over to pick something up, I feel the pain. It never goes away. You just have to be so careful.

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