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32 and I feel like I'm doomed for a single life.

Hey all, as per the title I'm at a bit of a low place right now.  I've had my permeant stoma for 18 months now (I had a looped ileostomy for 18 months previously) and suffered yet another pushback for a nice woman.  My Crohn's and subsequent mass of operations ended my previous 7 year relationship.

I have taken my time in getting back into the "meeting women" scene as I have been very ill, and it's making me regret agreeing to a proctocolectomy, which is strange as I know things had been desperate and agony before the surgery I just wanted an end to it.  

I just feel it's put an end to any chance of meeting someone.

Sorry not the best first post, should have really just said hello first Sad

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markymarc1979 wrote:

I just feel it's put an end to any chance of meeting someone.


hi marc, i just did a search on your age group {32-35} for females looking for a relationship on this site....i got 5 pages of profiles....... just suggesting you mite meet the girl of your dreams right here. now get busy....
Marc i do undestand i think we all do !!!!!!!!!!!! Your cute enough as above said soz super um yeah check out the women in this page your age group gr8 mms good suggestion ..
Hi Mark,

I just posted a similar reply to another "mate"...with similar issues.  I told him to hang in there and give it a chance.  I had my surgery 48 years ago, when I was 15, and began to date with an ostomy soon after that.  I decided back then, that if someone couldn't accept the ostomy, then he wasn't the person for me.  But back then, situations didn't get intimate as quickly as they do now.  Although I married and had kids, I'm now divorced and am back to dating and the same issues.  when do I tell.  For me, my ostomy is my "badge of survival", and I wear it proudly.  Some men are quite accepting and other's aren't.   We all have flaws....some are just more visual than others.  The most important part is to first accept yourself.....  and be glad to be alive.  Anyone who really cares for you,  won't be bothered by the ostomy.   Best of luck to you....and start searching....on this site, and out in the dating world.  

Hey, Marky-Marc - you are a good-looking young man with an interesting name (where have I heard it before?)  - what makes you think you are going to be single for the rest of your life.  I agree with MMSH - you've got 5 pages of nice, compassionate young women available to you on this site - I'd say you are way ahead of the game!

Now try being 54 and single - that's when it's appropriate to feel doomed to being single the rest of one's life (it's not like I'm old and set in my ways - it's just like MMSH once said - I can love my dog, but when he gets on my nerves I can stick him out in the yard!)      Smile
Hey Mark!

I feel like we have a lot in common.  I'm 32 and have had a permanent ileostomy for just over a year now.  Let me assure you that there is hope!  I'm living proof!

I hope you are at least feeling better and healthier since your surgery.  I got the impression from your post that you are.  Being in a relationship is hard enough when you're healthy.  I'm sorry to hear your last one ended while you were ill.

I felt so good a few months after surgery I joined an online dating site just to start getting out and meeting people.  I didn't have any real hope of successfully dating either, but I had been a sick recluse for so long I didn't have many other options heh.  However I lucked out and met an amazing girl and we've been together ever since!

And she's so cool.  Doesn't have a squeamish bone in her body.  My point is THERE ARE GIRLS OUT THERE WHO WON'T CARE!  Beautiful girls!  Fun girls!  Do yourself a favor and find yourself one!

I can't guarantee you'll meet one right out of the gate.  There are going to be awkward moments but there are always awkward moments.  There's going to be the chance of rejection but there's always the chance of rejection.  My only advice is this: I think the ideal timing for "the talk" is somewhere between first and second base... maybe shortstop at the latest Smile

Best of luck!!!

Hey Mark...  I completely understand the way you feel.  I don't have any advice for you (sorry) just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!
Okay Mark. Listen to these people. At our last support group meeting, a new woman showed up, young (The rest of us are mostly over 60). Her boyfriend? left when her colostomy arrived. Then she met her current love on a discussion board just like this. He also has a colostomy and they are both going to attend our evening meetings together.

It is NOT over for you. IT is just beginning, unless you stop.

I think your problem is part of a larger disease that seems to be consuming our society where it's not considered important to honor the wedding vows of "in sickness and in health."  

Don't give up on finding loving supportive friends and a special someone!!

Brenda Elsagher's book is advertised on the top of this page, It's in the Bag and Under the Covers. Have you read it? I'd recommend it for everyone. It's a collection of stories by ostomates about personal relationships in the face of ostomies.

I'm 39, and had the same surgery you had about 7 months ago.  I still can't quite get used to the proctocolectomy.  I've been in the mode where you feel like this just isn't a life that you want to live.  I don't think anyone wants to live this life.  However, I've been off prednisone for 6 months.  I've never, ever been off prednisone that long since being diagnosed with Crohn's.

You just fight to make the best of things.  I'm still struggling with when you tell someone that you have an ostomy.  Do you wait for them to get to know you so that they have more of a bond to you?  I think people forget that the one you are with has some sense/feeling of what you are going through and live a portion of it with you.  I know my ex-wife got frustrated with the disappearing to go to the bathroom for 20 minutes at a time when you go out.  Wondering if I could go out was an issue.  I couldn't travel.  We had to worry about where we went to eat.  It becomes a big part of the other person's life as well.  I hate to say this, but to say "If they love you, they will understand" is a bit unfair.  I think it is very, very hard to ask/expect someone to have to conform/live your life to a certain degree.

That being said...
I think the poster that said find someone with similar circumstances hit the nail on the head.  You both understand what the other is going through.  It's funny how sometimes we get "messages."  My gastro Dr told me that I needed to get a divorce quick because the stress of the divorce was killing me.  Then he went into a story about how he tried to talk a friend of his into NOT marrying someone with Crohn's.  It is hard to put the conversation into the proper context, but the moral of the story was that relationships would be very hard.  I was a bit down about the conversation, and I met a woman online.  She wanted to meet and indicated that we had to be "mindful of where we went for food."  I asked why.  She indicated that she had digestive issues.  I pushed and asked if it was Crohn's.  Guess what? .. It was.  We met and she was wonderful.  I had a great time.  We aren't together.  However, it hit home to me that I had to find someone that understood...not necessarily someone that had Crohn's but that understood it in the way I did.

I hope that helps.

Keep looking.
Keep Living.

I had my op last Feb and have just started thinking about trying to find someone new. I've been really ill for a couple of years so been out of the whole social world for some time. It's really scary and left me with not much confidence so I'm finding it very hard. Like most seem to have been I was in a long term relationship before all this really kicked off so trying to get to know people knowing I may have to tell them about my stoma is something I'm finding hard at times as it's very easy to let the rubbish thoughts in Smile Just have to be brave and push on I guess and hope that there really is someone out there for everyone Very Happy

Hi, I've had my stoma for 7 years and was in a long term relationship and he stood by me through it all, now we have just seperated and I'm kind of in the same place as you but I believe that if I meet someone new and my little friend is an issue for them, then they are obviously not the right person for you!
Keep your chin up hun and if you every wanna chat, I don't mind listening x
Hi all, thank you so much for you kind responses, It seems that I have just had so much confidence sucked out of me.  I'm currently seeing a therapist and am on a course to try and help regain some of my self esteem, it's early days but it can't do any harm.

I've struggled a lot since I had my last major surgery, and have been regularly sick for the past year, I've just been through the whole batch of 'tests' again to see what's going on, I still have just under half of my small bowel and it seems that just has not settled.

I have been unable to go to work for ages now which also seems to contribute to feeling so low.

But I really appreciate all your comments, your a good bunch
Know how feel Marc, I've had my illeostomy since 17 am now 36 always feel awkward when with new woman. I have had few issues since with pilonidal sinus 1st 12 years ago and again recently, I have had 3 operations since August 2011 and off work since then, I've found it hard being stuck in the house and away from work and real world for so long. I'm hoping to start back in a few weeks all being as thins have improved well lately. I actually joined this site thinking would help me maybe find someone that understands as other comments say all we can do is keep our chins up and get on with it, good luck, life can only get better....


Hey Marc,
It's all in the attitude. You have quite a few of us telling you that there is definitely hope. Especially when you are a good looking guy like yourself.
I have had an eleiostomy since my early 20s and now in my 50's. I have been married twice and now a boyfriend for the last 10 years. I don't think of myself as very attractive, but I am usually told that I am very sexy because I act that way. It's all about your confidence and how you view yourself is what others will see.
You need to give it a shot. Yes, it will be awkward at first and yes, you will need to have a little courage. But, the prize will be very sweet.
Hang in there and go for it.

Hiya Marc,

I only recently had surgery so havent bn through the same as you, but i do understand your concerns about being single longterm. After reading every1 elses replies i've decided to be upfront with people about my wee pal Zena, if its off putting then they really arent the right person to have in my life. Similarly in your case i'm sure u would want to share your life with some1 who accepts u, no matter what your health issues, & sees past the outer shell.

Its hard to keep positive i can appreciate that, & we all have low points which is often exascerbated by steroid i'm up & down like yo yo...but if u can try, hold on to the positive aspects of your life since surgeries...less pain & better quality of life is what i try focus on.

I hope that things improve & u dont feel so disheartened, i'm sure u will find some1 to love u bag & all...probably when u arent looking & least expect it!!!

Regards, Sheila Smile
Hi Marc

Im 28 nearly 29 and have been thru pretty similar, Im now 10yrs down the road with a permenant Ileostomy and an ex after 6yrs together!! I am lucky to say that the 2 are not related!!

When I became single at 27 I felt that no one was ever going to want to be with me ever again because of how different I was!!

When i was ready post break up I met quite a few different men who all had different reactions and a different take on how they felt about it.  Some were honest some not so much but I always knew why some guys never called again even if we had not even got that far into things!!

I then moved to Saudi (im from essex originally!!) vowing to earn loads of money and live a truly indulgent lifestyle with good friends and no men involved!!

All I will say is no matter what you plan life will always come along and change them!! I am very pleased to say I am now in a relationship with an amazing egyptian guy who is a little younger than me but is wise beyond his years!!

I even used my stoma to try and scare him off at first!! It didnt work as he had a friend who had bowel cancer very young so he knew all about 'my baggage'!!

The reason im telling you all of this is that I have been where you are right now!! who knows I may well be there again one day, but whatever you do dont give up!!

There are millions of single people in the world with and without bags, it doesnt define you as a person and anyone worth spending any significant amount of time with will know this!!

When your off the steroids things will settle, it take time to discover who you are and the person you have become but believe me you may well be pleasantly suprised by some of the people out there!! The rest of them are not worth your time or energy!!

Take Care

Millie xxxxx
Hi - I recently met the man of my dreams ... on this site.  We're doing great.  Sometimes good things happen.

Can I just say...Marc, I've seen your profile (and pictures) and I don't think you would have any problem finding a date. Wink
i had a total colectomy at 25 yrs of age. i met my wonderful husband of 23yrs after my surgery. I was feeling very insecure but healthy and ready to get on with my life. When u get off all the drugs and stablize i hope u feel the same.


Way off. You will find someone. But you got to get your head in the right place. Do you introduce yourself to women as "Mark- the fun, witty smart guy" 

or "Mark with an ostomy".. chicks dig witty fun guys. The stoma is a small side note. I don't think a woman that finds you atrractive because of your personality will mind the stoma part. But you can't lead with "Mark- the Stoma guy".. Don't let the stoma define who you are. It's a part of you no doubt but not all of you... Get your head in the right place and the babes will come..... 


Chin up fella had 4 beautiful ladies in my life lost 2 to cancer 

One was a model still with the 4th 11 years now

She put a quote on face book once he might not be perfect 

But he's perfect for me .and she is 11 years younger than me 

Pisitive thinking is all it takes 

Dave c


I get it. Totally. Sorry I don't have any advice.


Hey hun, I've got a permanent urostomy, my ex put me down etc and I've been hurt alot due to the problems I had prior to the urostomy last month, I can relate to how you feel, I joined the group in hope to find an equal a friend then maybe more in the future I'm petrified and unless you go through these ops peeps don't have a clue, but remember you are stronger than you realise and you will find the right one, so keep ya chin up, I'm emm by the way, always here if you want to chat or rant xx


Hi how are you? Nice new to the from wolves and had uc for 6 years now with an ileostomy and would love to share experiences etc..




Love your sense of humor!


Hi Mark, 

You are still quite young. Get you in order first then worry about dating and all that. You will meet someone who cares. I know that is the usual line that is given but it is true. But until you get yourself in the right mind set and feel better physically you don't need the extra pressure of a relationship. 

I hope you find someone eventually. Hang in there.


oh how well i understand. i did too. its been almost a year and i am not happy. they say you get through it and i guess you do but it is not easy. on top of that i lost my mom on monday. sad times for me. just keep on going. it's time for good things to happen for us both   J


It just takes time my friend. Stay positive. You will find someone special.

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