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What brand of bags work best?

What brand of bags work best? I think Hollister makes the worst bags. They seem to be porous and let too much odor escape. Even a brand new bag smells like you are taking a dump right there on your lap. I have to keep looking down to make sure it's not leaking. I have tried the anti stink juice that you put in the bag but that only makes it smell like rotten cabbage instead of poop. I usually put a piece of tape over the vent and that helps a little until the bag itself starts to stink. What is your favorite brand of bags? What works best for ostomy use?
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Osotmy supplies are much like Cars -there's a lot of different makes and styles, and what you dont like might work great for someone else. I tell all newbies to order free samples from all the major manufactures and see what fits most comfortable for you, and gives you the best wear-time. Ivew worn Holister for 16 yrs and have no trouble what so ever -I get a solid 7 days (at least) wear time.

If the smell really bothers you that much have you tried using Bags without the vent? as for those odor control liquids you add, those did little or nothing to when i tried them, so was a waste of my for me. I like the saying "You can polish a Turd" LOL so its gonna smell no matter what
Jim's advice is excellent. Everyone is different and you really need to get on the phone and ask for freebies until you find one that works.  I started out using the Hollister one piece and love the comfort and lack of noise, but I have switched to a two piece system since I am planning to irrigate once I get all the supplies in order. I used the Hollister 2 piece, but finally found the Assura 2 piece by Coloplast holds up really well and provides me with a little more confidence. As for the odors, I found that really bothersome,too, but have less of that with Coloplast.  Have you tried Altoids? No, I'm serious! Really!  I got that idea from one of the forums.  Just be sure to keep them away from the other tin! Good luck.
Do you put the Altoids in the bag? How many does it take to have minty fresh poop? I have tried the Hollister one piece bags before and liked them a lot better than the two piece but sometimes you gotta take what you can get. How often can you ask for free samples before they catch on that you are a deadbeat without insurance and that they won't be able to gouge your insurance or the government?
I have had my ostomy for 36 years and I still tend to use mostly Hollister pouches even though I have a lot of trouble with them because I discovered the one piece Premere Lock 'n Roll pouch to be most comfortable but I do notice odor sometimes even while using the NaScent, unfortunately the style I use doesn't come filterless and I, too, hate that darn filter....soooooo.....being the little duck tape freak that I am, lol, I bought a tan roll of duck tape and rip off a small square to cover the vent.....that duck tape lasts longer than the pouch and no stink seeps through that tape, no way lol.  I haven't found any pouch that, for me personally, will last more than 2 days however :/  ....I think some of the two piece outfits last longer but they are uncomfortable for me, I don't like anything too bulky......all individual experiences I guess.  Great advice from our awesome friends above SmileSmile
~Your Doe
I discovered the one piece Premere Lock 'n Roll pouch to be most comfortable but I do notice odor sometimes even while using the NaScent, unfortunately the style I use doesn't come filterless

I would have to look up the number again cause its been a yr or so -gut I used to buy and use a one-piece premiere Holister w/o  a filter.
I started out using the Hollister two piece because that's what they used in the hospital and that's what they sent home with me. I find them to be the stinkiest of all brands I have tried. I too have put tape over the filter and that works to some extent but my problem is with the flanges. The poop sticks all around it and in the crevices and is impossible to clean out for extended use. I have used toilet paper, q-tips, baby wipes, and the flange still reeks. After two days of smelling like a homeless person, I rip the damn thing off and put on a new one. If they weren't so expensive, I would use the two piece bag and flange system as a one piece and change every day. Maybe I am just more sensitive to odors than most people. Also the filters don't work because they get clogged with poop and don't let any air out, just smells that waft up under your shirt directly under your nose. Just like being in the country! And, you still have to burp them because the gas gets trapped. All of the brands are pretty similar in design. I wish someone would build a better poop trap!
Hi JustJim yeah I used those filterless ones as well and Hollister told me they no longer make them :/ ...that is how I got stuck with the other ones, THEN they changed the type of filter and it is sorta nobby and the top of the pouch doesn't fold down comfortably like the others did.  I know other ostomates who are also unhappy about it and have been requesting with me to have the filterless brough back as an option for us.  Hollister asked me WHY I did not like the filters, and me being bold me simply replied, "BECAUSE THEY STINK!!" ..........but hey, between the duck tape, NaScent, and also something friend Elsie told us all once about putting TicTacs in our pouch that really helps!! .......yeah TicTacs...seriously work, the mint kind. lol Smile
Miss Doe -i checked with the supplier i ordered them from last yr: -and they still have in stock the 8510-15 which is a premier lock n roll enclosure one-piece clear convex  with sizes 3/4 thru 1 3/8 or the 8590-99 series in beige
Oh THANK YOU Smile  I am glad I got back on the internet to check in here....I am taking down the information, I appreciate it very much Smile
Haha! Hey I let them worry about the "deadbeat factor" because if they send something you like you'll become a customer and pay for it.  Any time you walk into Marble Slab they let you have a few tastes before you buy, right?  That's good business practice and the medical supplies companies know it as well as any one does.  As for minty poop? No.  Minty gas? Yes.

Here is an instruction sheet from some Chinese ostomy bags. I hope all of you sufferers enjoy reading it.
Ah So, velly good instrucions, keepa crapola off fingers!!
Reply to Juuust_James

Totally agree...I strongly recommend getting samples try before you buy....

I started out with Coloplast products which have been amazing and work great for me, but recently I received some Hollister products and 2 days ago tried for the 1st time #8958 so far is amazing it is lightweight, good venting, no smell love the cloth like wafer material with the extra security seal strips incorporated in it, great seal, big window, very little ballooning etc I am enjoying this product a little more than my Coloplast.... hoping for 7 days as well as was getting with coloplast time will tell....

Find what works for you we are all different....get free samples.....


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