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I got my temporary ileostomy 6 months ago. I had just separated (my decision) and thought I might not have any relationship as long as I have my stoma (which I still will have for at least 6 months).

Well, so far I've told about my ileostomy for 2 dates. The first date I told some months ago moved abroad, so we put our relationship on hold, but I can assure you, my stoma was never a problem. I'm still in contact with him every now and then, but only as friends.

Now 2 weeks ago, I met someone again. Since he lives nearby, I saw him in the first few days every day, we went for walks, for coffee... You know, the good old-fashioned way of dating. Anyway, I started to feel I'd like to "get a little closer" to him (since he did not try anything, because I in the beginning told him I'm "slow in starting new relationships"). So, I told him about my stoma. He had never heard anything about any stoma, but he listened carefully, asked some questions, and even asked me to show it. And then he told me, it doesn't bother him at all.... "Everybody gets sick eventually, one way or another..."

Just wanted to share my experiences. I know it can be frightening, but if you get to know the person first, and they get to know you, I think one silly stoma does not determine your relationship. Be proud, respect yourself. We have experienced a lot and learned a lot from life due to our illness. It makes us stronger and shows what really matters.

(In case of some silly mistakes, I'm not a native English speaker)
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good for you...!!!....positive people produce positive results....
thats so awesome! only takes meeting one person that is a good enough person to see beyond you ostomy and like you for who you are -to erase the fears of rejection. Now if someone ever did be frightened away but it in the future -it wont be a big deal, you'll be able to say "well he just wasnt good enough for me!" and move on

You go a normal life!  Have had my stoma for over 30 years....we live in a wonderful world, as people can now accept anything.  Think of the injured war heros....they incur problems greater than a little red bud and are accepted.  If there is a creep out there that can't accept you for you....then he did you a faver as he isn't worth your time!!!  Just enjoy life to the fullest!
Good for you!  Has he got a brother?  

forget that! does she have an older sister? LOL
You go! I wish I had such nerve. I've had my stoma for 3 yrs now. I am a newly out of the closet Lesbian, haven't been with a woman in @25 years, not a man in 3-1/2 yrs. I would love an intimate relationship with a woman but not a commitment like living together or marriage. Not sure where to even begin! Proud of you Lady, wish you the very best!   I love what "buckeroo" said "we live in a wonderful world, as people can now accept anything.Thank you for sharing!
Good for you, positive approach is the way forward, happy days! Keep smiling.
  i've been dating for a year now, told him about stoma after a couple of weeks, didn't bother him at all and best relationship ever had.

Thats awesome Shellee -any Good Man or Woman will Love you for whats on the inside -and our stoma are a part of us and it keeps us alive!  and that's what every Lady who I have dated since my surgery has told me
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