Tips for Rocking One Pieces on a Beach Vacation Post-Ileostomy?


This is my first vacation post-ileostomy (4 months post-op). Any tips from anyone would be helpful, especially from the ladies who have had to rock the one pieces!!!


Hi Pharma,
If you have suffered with UC for the past 4 years, you will love the freedom your new pouch gives you.

I'm not a female, but I still would like to offer advice if I may..

Have a full two-week supply of extra supplies just in case. That means an extra 5-10 wafers and pouches... just in case... If you swim, be prepared to have the wafer possibly not be as tight or possibly even wanting to come off by the end of the day. For me, fresh water swimming, I was good for 3 days before the wafer became an issue. Saltwater swimming, it would only last a day. Also, know that they sell tapes to put around your wafer to help it stay tight to the body when swimming.
Carry yourself with confidence. As you go, so does the response of people you come across. I have friends that even wear the pouch outside of their bathing suit. I'm not suggesting you do this, but I just wanted you to hear it.

I hope I have at least helped you a bit... Michael


Good for you, go out and just relax and enjoy all you can. Everything else will come naturally, so don't let this bother you at all. Enjoy.

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Hi Pharma,

I am 33 and have had my pouch for 18 years. I find the tankini or swimdress works the best for me as far as comfort and disguise. I agree with Beyondpar...I also find I get a solid day in salt water with my wafer.

If you don't draw attention to your pouch, I guarantee no one will be the wiser! Have a blast!! And if you have any questions, please know that no question is too personal.


Hi! I was super conscious about swimming and stuff like that too. One-pieces are actually really popular right now and come in a lot of styles. If you get one that has sort of a wrap style where the sexy accents are more in the back of the suit like low cut or strappy, or a style where the front has mixed patterns or a wrapping style, you know, something that deflects attention if your bag starts being active and allows you time to use the restroom before anyone else notices. I have a black leo (from dance) that has straps you can manipulate and I usually just wrap them around me like a strapless and tie it right in front of my bag. With that said, check out some leotards online for cool styles. Sorry I'm so long-winded, but I hope this helps.

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I have a colostomy but it acts like an ileostomy in that it fills up, puffs up very frequently. I purchased an expensive bathing suit...a two-piece with a bikini bottom and a top that covered over it. When I would spend hours in the suit, I didn't like the way the bag puffed up and over the top of the bikini bottom. I felt it was more visually obvious. Fortunately, the suit was in a black and white pattern. I did an online search and spoke to several customer reps about getting a bottom that would go to the natural waistline. I also swapped out bikini underwear for French cut for the same reason. The only company I found was L.L. Bean who had one. I got it, and last summer I wore the bottom with the top and was super comfortable all day. I never had a problem in the pool, lake, or ocean with the pouching system coming loose.

Good luck.



I 2nd the idea of a tankini (over a one piece). Easy to check on 'how things are holding up' and makes it a breeze when I need to burp.

If you are flying ... don't have all your supplies in checked luggage. I usually have 3/4 of mine in hand luggage.

I get 2 to 4 days per wafer ... even in salt ... depends on how hot the weather is and what I'm doing (just lazing around, or bending or such).

For me, I like to use Sure Seal Rings and tape as an extra precaution.

Have fun! I love the water ... and my ileo hasn't gotten in my way.


I got a maternity two-piece bathing suit. It allows a bit of stretch, and is easy to burp. And it really looks nice.


I can't comment specifically on women's attire when it comes to that stuff. But what I can say is that no one notices your appearance as much as you's never as noticeable as you think it is. So don't sweat it too much.


Just spent my first time at the beach. I chose the tankini as they are a little looser than a one piece.

I use something called Osto-EZ-Vent that you adhere to the top part of your bag on the outside and puncture a hole to let gas escape when you want to vent. You can do this standing up and it's not as noticeable as burping from the bottom.

I did find that my wafer didn't last as long in the hot sun and salt water, but I thought it was because I didn't dry like I would at home.

I don't think I would have a problem at the beach or pool in the future. I'll just bring lots of extra supplies just in case.


How did your vacation go? Any snags?


Hi Amanda, just a guess :) I'm just now learning this great website. I just noticed that your post and vacation was about 2 years ago, haha :) Nevertheless, I hope all went well and I'm sure by now you have learned a ton more about being an ostomate :) I did want to offer some tips and say hi as well. I have yet to go in the water of all things, the pool or ocean that is. I've played in a hockey league and no problems at all. I actually didn't even notice it when playing, it was beyond so great :) I live pretty close to Ocean City now and need to get there soon. I had been living in Minnesota from 2010 to 2014. I moved back to the region last summer. Hope your health is under control and that you had a good vacation two years ago lol :)


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