Skydiving with an Ostomy: Effects on the Bag?


Does anyone with an ostomy skydive? What are the effects on the bag?

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I recently noticed and commented on the below pic by CKNC (hope she doesn't mind me reposting it), but I think that it is proof that skydiving is not a problem!

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Please come back and post. Tell us all about your adventure after you go!!!

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I was worried about jumping too, but decided to go ahead with it (despite my fear of heights...go figure). I didn't wear anything special - just my regular yoga pants and a shirt. The only precaution I did take was to not eat anything that morning, mainly because I was worried about puking in my tandem guy's face on the way down! The harness didn't touch the ostomy for me but I've never been worried about things getting pressed on anyway as I routinely lay on my stomach, wear tight pants with tight waistbands, etc. The wind pressure while jumping was also not a problem. All in all, it was one of the best experiences of my life and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


I have an ostomate friend who went skydiving in December and had nothing go wrong with her bag at all. I will be going skydiving at the end of this month and I am actually quite excited about it. I would just say, don't eat maybe 2-3 hours before the jump so you don't have to worry about having to empty it while you are free falling, haha. Have fun and enjoy the experience; the bag shouldn't slow you down.

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Great thanks for the reply, I have made quite a number of jumps, but not with a bag. I do encourage you to jump if you have the opportunity. My concern was the change in air pressure but that doesn't seem to be a problem. Obviously you have the courage to step out of a perfectly good airplane into thin air, enjoy to the max. Kayak


So, Quietdreamer28, I am hoping that the weather and conditions were all conducive to you taking a sky ride, standing, and walking out into nothing... in short, did you get to jump? I think you will or did find it the most exciting thing going on in your life, well, maybe not.

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