Wet patches during flights - anyone else experienced this?


Problems when I am just wondering if anyone else had the same problem as myself when flying, I went to Malta about 4 years ago and before getting on the plane I emptied my stoma pouch but unfortunately when we reached a certain height I ended up with a big wet patch. The same thing happened on the way back. Just wondered if this has happened to anyone else.


Stella - you probably had air in the pouch after emptying. As the plane climbs, the air pressure in the cabin reduces, and any air in the pouch will cause it to expand. The more air in the pouch, the greater the expansion. You have to make sure all the air is out of the pouch. I have done a lot of flying and find I sometimes have to use the lavatory on the plane about 1/2 hour after takeoff because of the air trapped in the pouch.


I have the same problem, but I have not had a leak yet. I am flying to Mexico next year, and I am worried about it. There must be something we can do.

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I just flew to Canada and back. No problem and no excess gas either. My big worry came when I got on the train. Just trying to empty the pouch with all that shaking was bad enough. Heaven help me if I had to change it!!


Been on the plane a few times with absolutely no problem. When I go into the restroom, I empty anything that's in the bag and have it as empty as possible when I board. Just be sure to take plenty of supplies on board in case your luggage gets lost as well as a change of clothes. I also wear a Silhouettes Depends, just in case.......... Oh, I also carry a letter from my dr. stating I have medical supplies which may not be FAA approved.

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Are you using unfiltered bags? Try the type with filters that allow gases (including excess air) to escape slowly. I never had a problem on a plane using them.


Hi Stella
I just went to Malta from Toronto in May. I fly frequently and have never really had this problem. Although, I do hear that being up in altitude can cause more gas in everyone. The only recommendation that I can have for you is to keep yourself hydrated with water and not drink soda or not eat anything that can cause more gas.
Safe travels.


I have found that anything containing sugar causes gas, even yogurt of which I eat a lot.

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