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Swim Suit Seasons Coming- What do we do?! (PANIC)


     Swim suit season is always a trigger for most people- the image they have of themselves showing more skin. Some people are comfortable in a bikini, others perfer a one peice and others the tank-ini. 

     For both girls are boys with an Ostomy- how are we to handle being in a swim suit while also being socially acceptable. 

     My take on this subject is having the attitude of- be yourself. I dont see how having an Ostomy changes anything about how you'd normally go about things and dress. Its summer! -Rock your body and use your ostomy as an accessory. Be confident and accept it as, you have an ostomy, and you're going to the beach, and gonna wear a bikini without feeling self concious. I personally have never had the feeling of thinking i was fat or ugly- i never worried or focused on that. I see it as, so long as you feel good about yourself, are having fun and enjoying your day- it really doesnt matter! I say, go about your summer as you would any other summer before you had your Ostomy.

     However, after having talked to a select few, some had a different perspective on it. They thought that by exposing my ostomy it would be asking for attention- that I would be asking people to feel sorry for you. Others thought that it would be gross to have it uncovered stating that theres stool in the bag and it would be seen as revolting to have it exposed. 

     Whats your take on this? Anyone care to share their opinion?

     Should you hide the ostomy? Or be confident in your own skin?
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You might wanna check out Titi's photos on here, then you'll see a lady that's comfortable with her ostomy.

Wow, you're right- GOOD JOB TITI! thats refreshing to see someone going about their day to day life comfortable with her ostomy. HIGH FIVE!!!long live summer!
Personally I plan on a swim wrap/swim cover (whatever I find) and I'll be wearing a bikini for sure, LOL.  I have no problem with my ostomy or my surgical scars.  IT SAVED MY LIFE.  So to me, for someone to have a problem with that means that they have a problem that I am still alive.  And if that's the case, they can eff off.  It makes me sad that some people with ostomies have such poor body image Sad  Believe me, WE are more self conscious about it that anyone else
Check out Jessica Grossman's blog called Uncover Ostomy.    Jessica's stoma is on the low side, so that certainly makes it easier to hide.  Mine is up near my navel so finding men's suits that go high enough to cover it is tough.
I have decided after being an ostomate almost 16 years and wearing various swimsuits, that a two piece...or tankini with a skirt seems to work best. Easy access and well hidden, etc. Smile  Easy peasy lol.
I would totally say rock the bag!  I actually just got reversed and my scars are healing up but it does look like i had a run-in with a nasty unicorn.  and i'm so excited to get back in shape and wear a bikini and show off my scars with pride!    i found when i had my bag, people were not grossed out by it, i was very open and up front about it all and actually people were so amazed and kept telling me how proud and strong and amazing i was for being so cool about it!  let's bring it into the light and get possitive attention for all of us dealing with this!
Hi there, I am still relatively new to having my ostomy, ive had it since june last year but i had lots of problems so ended up spending the summer in hospital so havent thought much about what i would wear whilst swimming. The few times i have thought about it, i always assumed that a swimming costume was the only option, didnt even think that there might be people out there who wear bikinis with their ostomies!  I'm not sure that i'm brave enought to do it but i'm so glad to hear that there are people out there that do! Given me a little bit of hope! Well done guys! x
i love summer i love the lake i think having a colostomy has game me more motivation to work out and get tin the best shape ever so if my colostomy does ever show at least im in killer shape

Correct thinking im thinking the same!! fitness always makes anyone happy.
I'm actually going WAY out far only one person (other than medical professionals) has seen my ostomy- I'm not sure I'm quite ready to expose it to friends and family yet (I tend to use a clear pouch, so it's kind of gross looking), so I'm taking my opaque pouch on a field trip to a clothing optional camp ground for a day.  As scary as that is....they're strangers and used to seeing things most folks keep covered.  It's not like a family/friend event...y'know?And honestly, the exposure worries me less than swimming and having the adhesive come loose and causing a leak while swimming.
Reading all these comments I find it difficult to understand why everyone seems so concerned about image. Of course being 68 and not worrying too much what others think about my having a ileostomy makes it easier to talk about it. Most of my friends and former colleagues know about my circumstances. Usually I make a joke about it, such as: You can't call me an a..h.le anymore.Or another one: When you have to go you have no choice, whereas I can decide when I go.And I used to wear my T-Shirt to the chemo and radiation sessions. Also have a black T-Shirt with an outline of the grim reamer in dark blue and a little white under which it says: Sometimes I show up just to see the look on peoples faces.Oh and as far as swimming one of those crazy boxer shorts type bathing suit works fine, and since I am 68 I can wear them like a grandpa - up high. As far as worrying I shower without covering up the  appliance or the flange coming off. But I do use a tape made of gauze which works great.
That was the grim reaper.  Smile
Fair enough point about showering, as i do the same, but showering and swimming are two different beasts.  I could happily swim for an hour...showering is 20 minutes MAX, doesn't involve submerging it the entire time, and i can keep it out of the stream as desired.
i did a fair amount of swimming with my bag at the local YMCA *which has way too much clorine in it* but i never had a problem wtih the bag coming off or leaking.  Smile
Just bought a high-waisted bikini that is soooo cute, and I can't wait to wear it! It's my first summer with an ostomy and I am using it as an excuse to go out and buy some cute swim suits and sun-dresses that make me feel great about myself. And yes, being healthier now makes me able to keep fit and rock a healthy body in a way that I could not before. So I do have an ostomy but I am developing a different kind of self-confidence that I wasn't able to have when I was sick all the time. Smile

Daisy, you couldn't have said it any better! You hit it on the dot!

you been on skype lately cindy?

still in hospital Liam, my internets not good here at all- im amazed its working now!! ahaha i'll let you know when im home.

ps- adele is dead... got my ostomy reversed yesterday :'( sooo sad. RIP adele. I miss having my bag.

Ok Cinderellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhaaaa
I use a swim shirt to cover. I could care less but it does and will disgust allot of people. Gotta be considerate. IMO
Land's End has MANY options for swimsuits, especially for women. Go to (
doesn't the bag get loose in the water?? Im so new to this  This would be my first summer and im terrified  

it is a possibility for the bag to get loose, leak or even fall off- not meaning to scare you. BUT! it shouldnt happen. Make sure you dont put on a new bag right before swimming- you want to give enough time for the glue to properly attach to the skin. Make sure you use the leak protector (which you should do everyday regardless) and make sure the bag is empty when you go out. If you go out with a full bag, it's gonna have more chance to tug off. ALSO a good solution is- wear either a smaller bag, or get a ostomy cap. Works the same as a bag accept its a small circle that just caps over the stoma. It's used for when people with stomas get intimate or go swimming, or wanna wear a skin tight slut dress on a night out sorta thing. If you use the cap tho, make sure you give it an hour or so to properly attach to your skin. IF you are having leaks all the time or the bag is falling off- either somethings not right, or youre not putting the bag on right, you're putting too much skin protecter/powder on etc- and the glue isnt able to stick. Concult your stoma nurse and book a appointment to solve the issue.
Hi Megan,
Where do you purchase your wraps and cover ups from?
I like's wraps better than; my stoma is situated a little high so the ostomy secrets wraps aren't thick enough to really rein it in, lol.  So I just go to and get them there instead.  They have inner pockets so the pouch can just rest in there and you're all set.  Plus they have a lot of cute designs that I like and you can wear them for just about anything - I wear them under my clothes to smooth out my silhouette and I also wear them when I wear anything that's cropped so my tummy is showing, or when I'm not wearing anything at all, lol.  

My bathing suit bottom I DID get from and I absolutely love it.  It has an inner pocket too and its a little high waisted.  With that and an $8 bikini top I got from Wal Mart no one would have any clue I had an ostomy when I'm at the beach.  It was a little expensive, but I feel like investing in your personal comfort is MORE than worth it

i was worried about swimming as well. i found a triathelon swim skin works very wel.l covers and holds great


Just a thought. My colostomy is high and I’ve decided on a one piece. More flattering on me anyway. Stealth belt has a belt with a secure zipper pocket for your pouch. It’s for swimming and their products are expensive but are known for durability and security. I will save a few extra $ and hopefully mine will last several years.  The one drawback I see is it is pricey but on the other hand quality. 

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