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Stoma level with tummy after hernia repair

I had a parastomal hernia repair 10-30-13. Released 11-03-13. The wafer and pouch applied after surgery stayed in place until 11-04-13. Upon removing surgical equipment, I noticed stoma was flat with skin and stool was oozing between skin and wafer. long will that remain? Is that normal? What to use on skin during this time to alleviate excoriated skin. I see my doc and surgeons third week in Nov for first post op visit. Would appreciate any and all ideas, comments regarding above dilemma!
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Hi skidder.....talking about special stomas? My stoma is on its doesn't stick out at all. My stoma measures 1 inch but because of the side discharge I shape a eakin ring a little longer to accommodate. I use a convex skin barrier and just stick it on. My skin doesn't get irritated and I have had no leaks...
hi skidder you didnt say what kind of wafer you use but i would think one with convexity would help to push your stoma outward but it probaly would be a good idea to see a wocn ostomy nurse.  good luck ron in mich
Hi Skidder.  Like you, my stoma went fairly flat after my nurse took my pin out from my stoma (she did it at 5 days which I felt was way too early).  It continued to shrink and, like Kolan's, go sideways.  I was switched to a convex wafer and am already seeing an improvement with my skin around the stoma. I use paste right now but am thinking of switching to a ring like Kolan suggests which leads me to ask Kolan - my stoma is also on its side and my home health nurse has been applying paste.  Do you find the ring works better?  Thanks.

Hello tudibird, Eakin rings can be shaped cut and even doubled up. I have never used paste except for one time my stoma nurse made a mistake adjusting up the Eakin ring and had to fill in a hole. Within one day I replaced the complete bag fearing a leak. I measure my stoma, and then use the measurement guide to shape the ring. After that I give it just a bit more adjustment so not to block the stoma outlet. Then the convex skin barrier is adjusted to fit. I like to use the Hollister rings; they are super sticky and come off easily with remover.
Hi skidder.  I'm not sure you got the advice or answer you needed.  I hope you did but, just in case, I'll suggest a little of what I know.  Hopefully your skin is not badly damaged and you can just go about the cleaning, using the appropriate skin prep, a convex wafer and the pouch.  If you get stool on bare skin it will damage the skin.  Some folks disagree with this but I beg you, don't gamble.  Your skin needs to be clean and dry, protected with something like 3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier wipes or spray.  That needs to dry then you could apply the convex wafer.  If your skin is damaged now you need to use the "crusting" process.  I don't want to confuse you or take up more space.  If you need more help, please let us know.
Good luck,

I think that your choice of words "I'm not sure you got the advice or answer you needed" is offending. We all try to answer the best we can using our personal experiences. Your message should have started with "I'll suggest a little of what I know".........
Sorry to have offended you or anyone else and thanks for your attempt to educate me, Kolan.  

No hard feelings.... maybe I should not have been so short tempered....We all have good and bad days...

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