Need a shower cover for stoma and bag - where to find?


I have heard there is a cover that a person can buy to cover the stoma and bag when showering. Does anyone know of it and where to get it?


I made my own cover by using a ziplock storage bag. I traced a circle that is the size of my flange near the bottom of the bag, then cut it out. I slide my pouch through the opening and zip the bottom of the bag up. I use paper tape to attach the top of the bag to my body.

This works to keep the pouch dry and is much cheaper than buying any of those products that are sold online.


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I do the same... I use one baggie for the bag and then I use another vertical with lots of medical tape which is not expensive either... They do not get wet... Love it...


Hi, I purchased one from Hollister Direct, but I'm sure they do samples as well. Good luck! Oh, and you can also purchase from medical supply companies a plastic square that covers the entire area and sticks on all four edges, but the actual sheet is not adhesive. If you are careful, you can reuse it. They are thick, opaque, pliable, sturdy square patches. Just put the tape backing back on before you wipe off any nasties. We use it in the hospital to cover medical slow-release medication patches, PIC lines, portacaths, and areas that mustn't get wet. Do you have a stoma nurse who can supply you with a few sheets to try as they come in various sizes?


I've stuck a shower cap over it in the past - it's not ideal but usually if I get showered, I change it anyway because all the glue gets a bit slimy. Ewww!

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Strongly suggest you contact Linda Butler of Ostomy Covers on 01205723327 or

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The edges of my pouch overlap the faceplate. I use waterproof tape and tape the edges of my pouch to my skin on three sides. The pouch gets wet, but the faceplate stays dry and secure. I dry the pouch with paper towels. I apply body lotion, and then remove the tape. Works really well for me.


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Does Linda Butler reside in the USA? Is this number a phone number? In this hot weather, I

really would like to shower more often (without can fine appliance) so am interested in a cover

The Baggie sounds too difficult to get a tight seal?


Where can I purchase waterproof tape? Sorry to sound like such a dummy. This forum is such a great place to get info. Love it and thank everyone.


My bags have a swim tab to cover the vent. I use that and fold the bag upward. Using a small snap clothespin to hold it up, I have a wonderful shower. If I need to change the bag, I remove it completely and shower then let the whole thing enjoy freedom!!

The bags dry quickly with a towel -- just don't use water so hot it unglues the unit!


Hello, I have had an ileostomy for 30 years and I have never covered it while showering. I have a Durahesive wafer and plastic pouch, so it's easy to dry off. Maybe you have something different and could explain to me. I am curious. RC


I have waterproof tape that the ostomy nurse gave me, along with paper tape and flex tape -- all are available in drugstores and possibly online supplies. You can also ask a pharmacist for particular brands -- you may need to shop around. There are no brand names on what I have, or I would share them with you.

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I'm curious too RC as to why so many have problems with showering. I have had an ileo for 6 years, use a 2-piece Hollister "New Image" system, also never covered it while showering, and I shower every day (sometimes twice a day) and just dry off with a towel. I get about 5 to 7 days wear time out of the baseplate (and bags for that matter).


I have used the shower cap to cover the bag and once out of the shower, use a baby terry cloth bib to hook around between the bag and flange. Make sure it is only terry cloth so it will help absorb the moisture around the flange while you dry everything else off. Of course, the trusty hair dryer can help with the last part. Eating three or four regular-sized marshmallows before a bag change usually helps stop the flow just long enough while going through a complete bag change. I always keep a few folded-up pieces of toilet paper handy in case it gets a little rowdy. I always do my change at the bathroom sink in case of issues. A facecloth laid over the edge helps keep things clean... like a drop cloth... hope some of this helps :)) It's a learning curve!



Hi, the best waterproof tape is Micropore Surgical tape. You can get it up to about 2 1/2 inches wide. It will not come off unless you take it off, really good stuff! Even the ocean waves and salt do not bother it! Any pharmacy should have it. Make sure it's the 3M Brand, similar tapes are no good, I've tried them all. It will not irritate your skin even after 3 or 4 days. I've had an Ileostomy for many years and this has saved me from many leaks.

All the best. Magoo

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Why bother with a cover? I'm almost 4 years with ileostomy, shower every day and have no problem keeping my pouch intact. After showering, I towel it dry, front and back, then blow it dry with my hair dryer on heat that's comfortable for you. Never have I had any trouble. Save the good luck. Dotsy


I'm with you, Dotsy. Why cover it, tape the edges, and dry it off with a towel? No problem. That's how I do it and never have a problem.

All the best, Magoo X


Hi, covers did not work for me. I just get it wet then use a hairdryer. On bag change days I shower without the bag - freedom for a few minutes - then hustle to get a new one on.



I sometimes use the Coloplast shower caps. Just remove the bag and put the shower cap on, and after shower, replace the bag. They are a bit pricey if your insurance won't cover them. Penguins7


I shower with my one-piece ileostomy bag, and when I change the bag (about every 3 days), I remove everything to let my skin breathe a bit, and boy does it feel good. With practice, I have gotten better with output gotta be fast when putting on a fresh bag, etc.


You've got it, moonshine. Freedom from plastic. Yipeeee! The best feeling ever. I often get fountains shooting at the wall, but hey, it's a shower, that's where you wash things. That hot water spraying on my bare not BEER belly, gave that up!!!, is soooo damn good, I feel human for twenty minutes and my stoma loves me for it.

Hugs from Magoo.

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