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Failing Kidney Function caused by Dehydration

Posted by spinbot, on Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:28 pm

I've recently had a 3 night stay at our local hospital as I got dehydrated.  This isn't the first time its occurred and the I am pretty sure the last 2 times were both caused by the flu.   I have an ileostomy, so after only one evening of heavy fluid loss, I end up putting myself in to "acute renal failure" due to the major loss of hydration.  

My family doctor was concerned as weeks after this occurred, my creatinine levels never returned to within what a blood lab would call normal.   My creatinine sits at "147".   I seen a nephrologist (kidney doctor) and she said that each even I have will further raise my baseline level (the higher it is, the worse it is).

I figure I can't be the only one with these issues, so I came to this group seeking personal experiences from those whom might be in the same boat.  What I am particularly looking for is what symptoms one might expect from reduced kidney function and at what levels does one need to be at to start experiencing them.   I've got health issue, regardless of this, as I have Crohn's Disease and chronic back pain, from Osteoporosis and the Ileostomy.  I'm just wondering what other wonderful crap I am in store for, as this value worsens over time.

Reply by dazer, on Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:25 am


All i know is my bowel hospital recommend a mixture of salt, glucose and baking soda,  mixed in litre of water.  Can be flavoured by fruit juice,  squash,  etc, as it doesn't taste so fab! Or you could try diorlyte.  As with a lack of colon even just fluids dont rehydrate you properly as you lose more than just fluids.  Good luck. Electrolytes. 

Reply by ChrisP, on Fri Jan 23, 2015 5:33 pm

Wow spinbot, thank you for posting this - a bit of a wake-up call, as I am prone to dehydration, and probably don't take it as seriously as I should. Hpe you are OK. All the best.

Reply by aHappyGirl, on Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:42 pm

Here's my add ...

I am a TPN patient so you can imagine my dehydration issues.

You can try Ceralyte fluid & electrolyte drink mix (  It works well.  They will send you samples.  I can too, if needed.

I also use salt tablets.

Hydration has to be a way of life, you cannot gulp a big bottle of water & be fixed.  You have to take in hydration throughout the day.

Good luck


Reply by charleston guy, on Sun Jan 25, 2015 7:03 pm

Hi Folks, 

When I was out of the hospital and home with home care nurses, my nurse had told me about the dehydration factor with having an Ileosotmy. She told that every time I empty that I should drink fluids. As she put it, when you let it out, put it back in. I myself have a hard time trying drink enough fluids. So far. knock on wood I haven't been dehydrated. I do now try to keep myself hydrated. I have a gatorade with my lunch and the rest of the day i do try to keep drinking water. As in the summer months I do need to drink more fluids, being I work in construction and sweat a good bit. In the winter months I know I should keep the mindset with fluids it's hard. It's just hard to walk around slushing tongue-out. Not to mention having to pee all the time. But then I guess if you keep enough fluids in you, you are going to do that.  As the saying goes, chew,chew,chew and drink plenty of fluids. sealed

Reply by dazer, on Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:24 am

What goes in must come out,! So my toilet and I are way too friendly! 

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