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Thu Jul 14, 2016 11:31 pm




I have finally become convinced that due to my particular abdominal curvature or “Belly-Bulge”  around my stoma,

expecting my Eakin Seal to last a full week of 7 days is just not realistic…leakage will usually

Occur quite without warning on the 4th  or 5th day at most, esp. on the right side, despite my switching to

a larger size Eakin hydrocolloid seal and making my own facelate/wafer out of a flexible plastic type

packing material with pores for better gripping or adhesion to the skin AND the addition of a “pressure-

Plate cookie that presses down on the seal itself…


The erosion of the  seal goes on often undetected until it is too late due to natural fecal acid, diet, digestive

Enzymes, pressure stress, body movement, bending, lifting, twisting, reclining on the couch, etc….


But, rather than REPLACING the whole faceplate/wafer in the middle or end of the week, I found a

Compromise solution that will buy you more time, maybe another day or 2…

CLEAN the area quickly, DRY it (the skin ad the bottom of the wafer as much as possible, sprinkle

on  some skin protecting “Stomahesive” or Zinc Oxide Powder, then add a layer of  baby diaper-rash

Ointment with zinc oxide all around the stoma-seal area….work fast in case the stoma decides to “exude”!


Then take 2-3 layers of absorbent towel paper, punch a hole in the middle for your stoma, push it down

OVER the stoma all around, then , reposition the seal with the bag still attached, press down, and quickly

Re-attach the ostomy belt on both sides….

THEN,  place the PRESSURE COOKIE over the bag and into position OVER the top of the faceplate /Wafer seal….your elastic shorts or “diaper” goes OVER that ,THEN your pants , tighten your outside Belt, and you’re done.

The even pressure all around should discourage/prevent any leakage for at least another day or two,

and avoid having to place any more “adhesive” material that can irritate /aggravate the delicate skin even more around

the stoma prematurely.

 The pressure alone plus the “tackiness” and skin protective qualities of the zinc oxide powder and

Diaper rash cream should protect the area …just be sure to check it frequently, esp. after eating,

And use your thumbs to direct any accumulated feces DOWNWARD into the bag and AWAY

from the seal area all around the stoma.


(The extra faceplate underneath in direct contact with the skin goes UNDER the regular faceplate

wafer and can extend it’s life for re-use at least several more times…I make mine AND the

additional ” pressure cookie” that goes on TOP out of a flexible white packing material that is

porous and looks like  Styrofoam, but is very pliable and will not crack when you bend it to

the shape or angle you need for your abdomen.)


This is the best compromise or “work-around” solution I have found for those end f week

“surprise emergencies”, given my internal chemical seal erosion, bio-stress, and “belly-bulge”

around the stoma itself. (It seem to have been exacerbated by my weight gain as I recovered

from my colon cancer surgery 3 years ago. Otherwise, I seem to be in good health since then

based on blood tests, check-ups, regained body strength, mass & weight, immune function, etc.

I take many supplements, but NO prescription drugs whatsoever, and never any chemo at any



A further advantage to this system is that it allows you easy access to check the area for any

leaking feces that comes into contact with the abdominal skin around the stoma before it does

any more damage so that you can quickly clean it, dry it,  add some fresh medicated , protective,

absorbent powder or corn starch, diaper rash ointment,  and fresh towel or tissue paper before

closing it all up again under pressure, plus save you money on  special ostomy seal material

and adhesives that don’t hold up very long anyway, and only irritate the sensitive skin more

Otherwise, internal erosion of the seal and seepage of the acidic feces onto the skin often goes

undetected until the feces starts leaking out and/or the skin begins burning again under the

Faceplate/wafer where the seal has been eroded away…..All this can be avoided on a daily basis

with the frequent draining of the ostomy bag instead of just passively waiting for an “emergency”

leakage and/or  acidic damage and inflammation of the skin in a crucial area.


ONE thing  I haven’t yet tried is placing the Eakin or other hydrocolloid seal directly over the

Abdominal skin around the stoma instead of covering the area with Stomahesive, or other skin

Protectant powder first….I was told that this “additive” can prevent the seal from adhering as

well as it should, even with the “belly bulge”…


Fri Jul 15, 2016 1:05 am

Hello houstonstomaguy1952.

Thanks for your post. I found it very interesting and some of your suggestions sound well worth trying.

Best wishes


Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:05 am

What in the world causes the weight gain after abdominal surgery / long-term antibiotic treatment for abdominal infection? It's SO depressing - I've put on 20 pounds and am having so much trouble with the "belly bulge" and my appliance!

Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:39 am

I also have an ileostomy and in a strange place that makes it a challenge to get a consistant good seal. My ileostomy is in the middle , midway between pubes and where belly button should be. I have had this ileostomy for 4 years now and after a LOT of trial and error, experimentation, and two rounds of horrific sores, I have found THE pouche for me. I simply cannot use a flat appliance. So the soft convex Nu-Hope is THE best at getting a seal for me. It has the smallest faceplate with NO tape...just a soft foam. I now get 5 days wear easy.And I am not constantly worried about leaks! Appliance confidence is priceless!That is not bad for an ileostomy. I don't push it further because;

1.- It is summer and the heat and sweat can break them down quicker.

2.-I find it nicer to decide to change it myself on my shedule instead of waiting for a leak.

3.-Avoids pushing it and inviting skin issues.

I also have an uneven area around the stoma because of a slight hernia and because of how my abdomen moves where the stoma is when I sit or do anything!

I use nothing else as long as my skin is good. No paste. No barrier spray. Nothing. I do find that the silicone adhesive remover wipes are the BEST and gentlest for skin cleaning and removing of residual adhesive.

Maybe this can help you have a simpler routine! 

Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:52 pm

I have had the same problem.  My stoma is placed so that the waist band of my trousers presses down on the stoma causing the waste to back up and force leakage.  I have been able to completely solve the problem by wearing a plastic STOMA-GUARD every day.  Held in place with the elastic ostomy belt, the guard applies constant pressure around the circumference of the barrier.  Its domed shape allows room for the stoma to empty and 'pancaking' is eliminated.  I can't remember the name of the web site where I found it, but it cost about $40 and reduced my changes from more than a dozen a month to one a week.  I use a Cavillon patch, the thicker Eakin ring and a two piece barrier and sack.I hope this helps


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