Seeking advice on parastomal hernia repair


I am concerned about a parastomal hernia that I was just recently told that I have. The surgeons offered me the option to have it repaired. It is fairly small at this point, however, it is causing me some pain and is protruding enough that it is visible under clothing and is causing some difficulty with keeping my appliance on for very long.

I was wondering if anyone has had this issue and did they have it fixed and was it worth it? I understand that it's possible that the hernia can come back in a relatively short time.

Your input is appreciated,



Hi Bobby,

Over the years, there have been a number of discussion threads here on peristomal hernias. The quickest way to find them is to go to the Google Search tab on the top of this page and enter "peristomal hernia ostomates". You will find extended discussions on this topic in 2009, 2012, 2014, and 2016. Here's one of the threads I found: postdays=0 postorder= start=15.

I have had a peristomal hernia following my surgery back in 2010. It has always been the size of half a small grapefruit but has never caused me any pain. I generally wear pants with a little stretch in the waist, and nothing protrudes. My experience with this hernia has always been positive because the raised shape makes an excellent platform to mount and secure my flange. I change appliances about twice a week and (knock on wood) don't have leaks. If you are new to an ostomy, you may want to give yourself some time adjusting before you go in for more surgery. I can't tell you how many folks I have met here who compounded their situation with "optional" surgery. If pain persists, you may have no choice. Good luck and let us know how you make out.


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Hi, I have had my ileostomy since February 2014. Last fall, I had emergency surgery due to a complete blockage. They decided to fix my parastomal hernia at the same time. I had serious problems after my surgery, such as wound infection and then sepsis. I don't know if it's because of the complications I had or what, but my hernia came back about 2 months after surgery. My surgeon won't touch me right now because of how sick I got. She said it will just keep coming back. I wouldn't even chance another surgery at this point anyway. I'm just grateful to be alive. My hernia is quite large, and the right side of my stomach sticks out quite further than my left. I try to cover it up with loose-fitting clothes. For now, I'm just going to have to live with it. I just wanted to share my story with you so you can hear both sides of the coin. I hope you hear more positive outcomes and make the best decision for yourself. Take care, Pammer.


Hello. Thanks so much for your important is greet you way tell of _lolling what works and_ what doesn't.

Herington from you makes a very big difference.



Be careful of Bobby. He was on Inspire and told everyone that he had a few days left because he was dying of cancer. He had us all believe he died. He deceived us all. Then he showed up on this site a few months later and he is now healthy. We were all there for him through all his lies.

Just a warning. Do not trust him.

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What you're still alive - how is that possible when you supposedly died on March 3rd riddled with terminal cancer. Wow, you made a remarkable recovery for not having surgery or chemo for that terminal cancer.

Amazing how you left all your friends over at Inspire - you having your ostomy since 2015 and coming here alive after we all thought you died - and saying you are new to an ostomy. Do you really have one? I spent a year and a half being your friend - talking to you on the phone and you even left me hanging believing you died, never answering my phone messages - then I come on here to see you alive - boy am I shocked. How dare you call yourself a true and faithful Marine.

Who does what you did? Telling us your wife died suddenly in Jan. so you had to travel to PA for her funeral - then days later you told us you lost so much weight cause you were so sick because you found out you had terminal cancer - the last week of your life you told us that your entire family camped at your house the entire week to set the final resting place and all the funeral arrangements. Then you sent them home all 3 children and grandkids so you could check into the VA for your last days. Who tells lies like that and tries to get away with it? Only you that I know about.

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Searching for a friend--Bobby--because you have been disingenuous, we are disillusioned, disheartened, dissatisfied, disapproving, and disappointed. And we find your new moniker rather facetious (that's treating serious issues glibly or with deliberately inappropriate humor). Friends don't deceive friends. You posted the same photos which really does away with denial. I read both TI and MAO, and am truly confused as to why anyone would feel the need to invite people into their lives only to lie, manipulate and crush them. Perhaps there is a reason that we are not privy to, and that is OK, at this point we don't care to be. You made personal contact with some members--I am not one--and you did some damage with the untruths. Phone calls and conversations that pretend a friendship are hurtful. I am glad that you did not die from terminal cancer as you led many to believe with long stories about family and preparations. Those that are wishing you ill have been terribly hurt. Many people really are dying, and to use that button to glean sympathy is surely one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed. I hope you have been able to receive the information that you needed from these people, and I also hope that from these posts you have figured out that the ostomy community may be very large and diverse, but is very close knit. Don't be so sure that you can just switch sites and your history will not follow you, as I would guess that you have surmised from these posts. If you wish to be truly accepted by these sites, perhaps you could clear things up? You will find that most members are extremely understanding and forgiving. I wish you



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Bill, I have just read your post to Charann52 under the topic "Not sure what to label this..." As usual, I am impressed by your insight and resolution to smooth over the tumultuous lives that most of us seem to be living. My intent here was not to hurt Bobby, and I hope that came through. Not having seen the other posts here on other forums, I only wanted to clarify what I knew about the pictures, and this being the same person as in Inspire. I agree that anyone pretending to be terminally ill obviously has other things going on in their life. I am not one to judge or condemn, although I guess I may have done a little of both in the above post. I do believe that your attitude towards Bobby is the right one; anyone seeking help, no matter from where, should know that it is available. I hope that Bobby realizes that talking truthfully to the members here and at other sites would be far more illuminating and rewarding for him.

Hey Bill, are you married? I think I'm in love ;) (just kidding and no disrespect to your wife or my husband) ;---Logic mixed with warmth has always worked for me.



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