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So... How would we all fair during a zombie apocalypse


Hey guys. My names Noah.

I was wathcing The Walking Dead today and it got me thinking. How would someone like myself with an ostomy bag AND Crohn's disease survive during a zombie apocalypse? Would we be utterly screwed, or would there be some kind of hope? What would your plan of action be?

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Hello Noah.

It's an interesting question you pose and, as I have never seen the walking dead or a zombie apocalypse, I can only guess at what the scerario might be.

It makes me wonder what the world might look like from the Zombie's perspective as presumably there would be lots of them, otherwise it would not seem like an apocalypse.

I like to use cliches so, her is one that might fir the bill for this scenario:

" If you can't beat them ---join them!"

Best wishes



That's hilarious. I'm sure Rick would provide ALTHOUGH Negenwould probably take things away.  Go to the Hilltop...there's a doctor and Maggie would protect you!!!


I'd probably find a Hollister warehouse and raid it :) Then make sure I have firearms and ammo to keep the zombies off of me. We are survivors--we would be fine :)


In a Crohn's flare up I used to tell people to allow me to die to save them because I will be useless and slow everyone down. Plus pain meds will be so hard to come by, saving someone is the best I could hope for.

Now that I have my ostomy I think I'll fair better than others because I don't even have to stop to poop! lol  Although getting enough to drink may be harder!  There is an ostomy supply store ner my place so I'll raid that and be okay for quite a while. 


That's a good life saving tip--not having to squat and poop lol! Zombie can't sneak up on you.


I have enough supplies to last over a year if something like that happened.


Lmao! Accept your fate and just get eaten. I would just be like well as if havi g a dam bag was not hard enough now i gotta deal with damn zombies!!!!!! Im done! 


A year of ostomy supplies would be great.  Although there are re-usable ostomy pouches.

Huge fan of WD by the way.  I would think from watching the show, everyone would be smelling a little rank about now without a daily shower.  I would be more worried about stomach skin acid burns being an ileostomate.  But you can create make shift pouches out of many things.  Condom's come to mind.  Not ideal but good in a fix.

On a serious note, the closest we might come to a zombie apocalypse would probably be a mutated version of rabies similar to the movie 28 days later.  I'd be screwed.  I have about a month of supplies at any given time.  But I have a 12 guage shotgun with a shxtload of ammo. 




Lol!! It's funny cause every time I watch TWD I THINK about the same exact scenario!!!! And I always tell myself that I'd probably be the first to go lmao glad I'm not the only one who thinks about what would happen if there were a zombie apocalypse 


Growing up female, with an ostomy, in the days, before walking dead (   Day the earth stood still here, and the invasion of the body snatchers)  I thought my ostomy pouch would be my best defence...   Get attacked, open the pouch and aim.   The smell alone could knock someone dead, and if not....they would just run....melting as they escaped.   Those were my sci fi scenarios....back in the day.



Hilarious, y'all! Every time I look at my over abundance of wafers and think about donating some of them, I immediately think to myself, "But what if something catastrophic happens and my shipments stop coming?" Back to the closet they go..

NJ Bain wrote:

  But I have a 12 guage shotgun with a shxtload of ammo. 



lol....everyone may not be familar with that phrase, but i am. good one bain



  Glad someone caught it.  Thank you for recognizing.



But don't ostomy supplies have a 'best before' date? Stockpiling could lead to supplies running out of date, and in the long-term, who would still be making them? No, I can't get my head around improvising, so we'd better avoid all kinds of apocalypse (including Trumpocalypse) (other than The Apocalypse (c) of course)......


Hello all,

As a late Comer to TWD fan base and new to this site, it is very refreshing hearing from others with the same concern: "Just how will I survive and prosper in a zombie apocalypse? " (or any other interuption of the normal source of supples such as food water shelder medicine toiletries and of corse ostomy supplies.)

I think first and for most would be to have a plan and be ready to implement it.  You never know when the ZA will start!



This is funny I have though about some kind of crisis, not necessarily a zombie overrun and where would we get supplies. Like someone said above we would be screwed. 

BTW, my nephew was in a episode of TWD. On screen for a tiny bit, wasn't a zombie, or eaten by a zombie.

Well, some of the zombies would be screwed also as some would be ostomates.

I told my medical suppliers house...and she has lots of wine too 🤣

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