How long can a prolapsed stoma last?


Have end ileostomy with 5" prolapsed stoma. Color is fine. Surgeon wants to redo it even though it's working fine. My question is, how long has someone gone with prolapsed stoma. Tired of surgery!

ron in mich

Hi Abe, when I first had surgery 30 years ago, my surgeon told me to keep an eye on my stoma. If it extends more than an inch, it was normally to give him a call as there might be complications.

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Thanks for the reply! So, did it ever get over an inch and if so, did you have surgery?

ron in mich

Hi Abe, no I didn't have surgery, it was just a warning from my surgeon.

Newbie Dana

Why don't you ask your surgeon specifically what he is concerned about with the prolapse - more than just 'Well it's supposed to only be less than an inch". Ask him what complications can ensue and how bad would they be. Also ask specifically what trigger condition would mean a complication was occurring that might be actually dangerous to your health. Because, after all, another surgery has its own set of risk factors ...

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Got news for you, depends on which surgeon you talk to. You should know that by now.

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