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Colostomy irrigation and ostomy plug


does anyone know how I can order Iry Pump and Iryfix (by Braun) online from other countries?

i believe these products are not available in the US (which is a shame).  

I am a new ostomate and started irrigating about 3 months ago and it improved my lifestyle 99%.  Hoping to try Iryfix, ostomy plug.

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Hello Oscar.

I find it difficult to imagine that Braun would not want to export their product to the USA so if it were me, I would try contacting them direct to see what they have to say.

Their website is  the telephone njumber is (0114) 225 9000 & fax (0114) 225 9111. although I don't know what the international code would be.

Failing that, I made my own irrigation pump which was not very difficult to do and worked out very much cheaper than the professional model (although I'm not knocking Braun)

I did do a review on their previous version of the irripump if your interested. It's on my blog list dated 08-17-12. I feel sure that the latest version will be an improvement on that!

As for the stoma plugs. The ones I use are from Coloplast and I'm almost sure that they trade across the water.

Good luck and best wishes



Thanks Bill.  I did call Braun and Coloplast company reps and both told me that the pump and plug are not available in the US.  I wonder how you get your Coloplast plug (I think it's 1445 conceal plug you are referring to)?  Are you residing in the US?

I found a DME company in Australia but they said they only ship within Australia.  I know that both products are available in several countries in Europe ( uk, Netherlands, France, Germany...).  Only wished it's available in US or accessible from here.

thanks, Oscar


Hi Bill,

i just figured out you are from UK and you have access to both items I am interested in.

i wondered if you could do me a favor and inquire from one of your ostomy professionals how one might be able to obtain the items. ( at your leisure).  I will be traveling Italy and France for several days in May 2017. If I could figure things out, I would gladly pay out of pocket to buy them while I'm there.

Many thanks, Oscar


Helo Oscar.

I am surprised and sorry to hear that you cannot get these items in the US.

Did you mention to coloplast that you would be travelling in Europe in May as I know some of the companies ship products to France for when people go on holiday.

Yes I do use the 1445 conceal plug.

I will see what I can find out for you

Best wishes



Hello Oscar.

Whilst ordering new stuff today, I made enquiries about how you might get plugs while in France. The Guy was saying that the problem might be at the USA end as they have strict regulations as to what can be imported.  This might have implications for you trying to get your supplies through customs on your return to the US, even if you could purchase them whilst on your trip.

Anyway, he said that in the UK they have what he called a 'trade-counter' where people can buy stuff - but they don't ship it outside the UK because of the regulations. He suggested having a look on their french website but as he couldn't speak or read french, he could not help any further.

I rang the trade counter (UK) and they gave me a phone number for their French connection +33 0800 015868. I don't speak much French either so I did not fancy trying to explain what was needed to anyone who does not speak English.

I hope this proves to be helpful

Best wishes




many, many thanks for the info.  I will give it a try.  I think once I have the appliances, I should not have problems going through airport security.  It's worth a try for me.



I wish you the best of luck!



I Immagine  it will never be avalaible in Quebec, Canada......lolllllll

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