Frequency of Bag Emptying for Liquid Output Post-Surgery


I had my surgery 2/23/17 and have only had to empty my bag about 2-3 times a day. It is liquid output, nothing solid. Is this normal?



What type of ostomy do you have? Ileostomy or colostomy?


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Where along your colon did they put your stoma? Mine is in the transverse colon so I'm pretty runny too. I empty mine when there is about 1/2 to 1 cup of stool. I am more worried about the weight pulling the bag off. I wear a Coloplast 2-piece click type connection. If you go more than 6-8 times a day, you could have diarrhea and need to push fluids and call your doctor. Give your intestines a little longer to heal and normalize. 2-3 times with a liquid output sounds normal to me.


Thanks for your reply. My stomach sits to the left and a little above my navel....


Hi, Estrogen!

My colostomy stoma is to my right, a little below my navel. Your liquid output is fine. Look at it this way... you have diarrhea but it's going into your bag. Not onto the floor of a chain store, like some people (pre-colostomates). So far, so good.

My problem is when it ceases to flow. Colons can block up, and after a day or so it'll land me in the hospital. You're runny now, but if you slow down for a second, you need to go for 100% prune juice. Do not let your colon stop for a second. Keep the flow going. If your colostomy stops, you have a big problem.

Lucky you without a stoma on your waistline! Fashion opportunities await!

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Hi Estrogen,

Welcome to MAO. I wouldn't worry, your stoma is very new. There is quite a bit of time for your body to adjust to the way it now has to handle taking care of your food.

What is your diet like these days? Sometimes some of the food that you used to eat will have a different outcome than it once did. There are foods that will bind you that may never have before and foods that will end up liquid. Keeping a food diary can be very helpful to learn what works for you.

Homie With A Stomie NS

You are normal, lol.... Myself, I empty every time I go to the washroom. That's my thing. It helps with the weight and bulk, etc., in my opinion.... Remember, water is your friend. Drink loads of it. Food processes differently in all of us. You will see as you progress to new foods.... I'm 4 months in and the majority of the time, it's more liquid than anything else.... Nothing should be solid, but a porridge-like consistency is apparently the output you want.... But we are what we eat and drink..... Heads up, smells will also change with food choices.... Hang in there. You got this.... Smile on.

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